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Ecotourism in South America

Ecotourism is a commonly mis-used phrase - most lodges and travel agents use it to refer to nature based tourism. It is, in fact, a more complex and worthy concept. Ecotourism is a type of tourism whereby both the local environment and local community positively benefit from the presence of tourists in the locality. Practicing responsible tourism in Central and South America can help conserve rainforests and other natural environments, in addition to leaving meaningful economic contributions to poor communities. Ecotourism is a principle that we very much like to promote. See the blog post on why ecotourism is important.

Do also see the extensive article on how a rural community can develop a community run ecotourism project without the need of any external funding. It's a sustainable blueprint that can be followed by almost any community to develop an ecotourism project from scratch with no funding.

Below are a collection of listings of some of the best examples of genuine ecotourism and sustainable tourism initiatives in Latin America. The criteria for inclusion are quite strict - I believe that all the following are genuine ecotourism projects. The lodges have been asked to complete the data for themselves, so I cannot vouch for it's utmost accuracy. If you think your ecolodge or ecotourism project should be listed (no charge) do get in touch.

Ecotourism in Belize:
Toledo Ecotourism Association
The Lodge at Big Falls

Ecotourism in Brazil:
Amazonat Ecolodges

Ecotourism in Costa Rica:
Hacienda Baru Ecolodge and Ecotourism
Arco Iris Lodge
El Remanso Rainforest Wildlife Lodge
Sabalo Lodge

Ecotourism in Ecuador:
Piedra Blanca Community Ecotourism Project

Ecotourism in Guatemala:
Chiminos Island Lodge
Hacienda Tijax

Ecotourism in Guyana:
Adels Resort

Ecotourism in Nicaragua:
Los Cardones Surf Lodge

Ecotourism in Peru:
Amazonia Expeditions

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