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Ecuador is a small country in South America that has an immense amount of biodiversity. Ecuador vacations typically involve a cruise around the Galapagos Islands, but the mainland itself also has a lot to offer in terms of travel options. The capital city Quito has some fine colonial architecture and luxury hotels in which to stay. Nearby Otavalo has a famous Saturday market offering various indigenous items for sale. Cotopaxi volcano is a short drive from Quito where one can go hiking around Cotopaxi National Park. To the east is the Amazon region which is perfect for rainforest tours, wildlife trips, amazon cruises, and luxurious jungle ecolodges.

Further south, those on vacation can visit the fascinating Avenue of the Volcanoes, named as such as there a numerous intesting villages and markets to visit in the main valley that is flanked by dozens of volcanoes. Riobamba and Saquisilli have fascinating markets, many tourists visit this region on the Chiva Express train (or similar) which offers a great insight into the local culture and way of life as one passes through numerous small villages and beautiful countryside. Chimborazo volcano is a great area in which to go trekking. Cuenca is a fascinating old colonial town an university city. Towards the Amazon region travellers will find Banos which is famous for it's hot springs and is an interesting backpacking town offering tours to the countryside. Tena is Ecuador's rafting hotspot and is also a good place to organise a tour to the Amazon. Guayaquil to the south is the largest city and is the gateway for trips to the Galapagos Islands. From Guayaquil one can travel north up the coast to find some great beaches and backpacker hangout spots such as Salinas, Montanita, Puerto Ayora and Manta.

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Ecuador has some great beaches.

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