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Dirt Cheap Flights To & Within Central & South America

Browse the tabs on the right for airline routing information and advice concerning international flights to Central and South America, or search for your flight below. Our South America travel blog also has further information on South America airpasses (eg. LAN, Tam, Mercosur, Mexicana, Hahn and All America Airpasses) and tips on how to book internal flights for less - see the flights category of the blog for useful tips.

See also our extensive country specific flights advice, where you'll find domestic airline route maps, general advice and links to all the airlines websites concerned. It's all covered right here:
Colombia Flights (from paisatours.com)

Adults (18-64)

Our tips for booking cheap flights are: 1. Be flexible with your dates, trying to avoid flying on the weekends. 2. Book flights well in advance - flight prices almost always increase the nearer the travel date one is. 3. A 3 month valid flight ticket is more expensive than a 1 month valid ticket, so don't book flights with a return date 31 days after you depart - it will be cheaper if you return 30 days later (or less). 4. Try to book your flights in conjunction with making a hotel reservation - your flight ticket will often be 10% less if you book a hotel at the same time. Normally you would need to book a hotel for 3 nights or more to be entitled to this discount. Many airlines almost always offer flight tickets at a discount if booked in conjuntion with a hotel reservation made at the same time of booking. Such airlines include KLM, Air France, British Airways and Continentel Airlines.

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