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The small volcanic island of Mauritius fills most expectations of what a holiday in paradise is like. Unlike it's counterpart to the north, the Seyshelles, Mauritius also has a range of hotels to suit budget travellers looking for a cheap holiday in the Indian Ocean. Of course, there are also numerous luxury hotels and beach resorts in addition. Most visitors come for Mauritius' wonderful beaches, and as such the island is extremely popular for honeymoons.

Mauritius Hotels

All of Mauritius's hotels are scattered around the islands long coastline. While most are resorts, there are a few smaller boutique style hotels that have opened recently. Some of the most popular and well respected hotels in Mauritius include the Maritim Hotel, the Residence, Hilton, Ambre Hotel and in addition Club Med has some resorts.

Flights Advice

Mauritius is one of the most easily accessible islands in the Indian Ocean, and flights to Mauritius are generallly to the capital Port Louis. Air Mauritius is the national airline and flies to numerous destinations. In addition, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer flights to Mauritius from UK, while other airlines worth considering include Air France, Condor, Malaysian airlines and Singapore airlines.

Weather Information

May to November sees Mauritius's winter - less rain and lower humidity levels mean the weather is best for your holiday at this time. The summer period of December to April can be extremely hot and humid, and cyclones can threaten the island (particularly during january and February). During this period, the weather can see prologed periods of rain - not good for your beach holiday!

Mauritius Holiday Ideas

While the island is all about the beaches and luxury hotels that come with them, villa rental is an increasingly popular way to stay on the island. Resorts and hotels have the convenience of generally being all inclusive, but renting a villa along with a hire car can be a more liberating experience. Diving is fantastic on the island which is surrounded by coral reefs. Golf holidays are big tourism business - many resorts have fantastic championship golf courses attached. The ultimate holiday idea is of course a honeymoon in Mauritius, or even a wedding. Mauritius is served by flights to South Africa - maybe combine a beach vacation with a safari?

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