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Seychelles Islands

A small nation of 115 islands off the coast of Africa, the Seychelles should fulfil all dreams of a holiday in paradise. The Seychelles has some quite spectacular picture perfect beaches, and a range of understated and relaxing luxury hotels and resorts that are especially popular for honeymoons and even weddings.

The islands are perfect for a romantic holiday, but they're also suitable for family holidays, golf holidays (eg. try Lemuria resort) and there are also opportunities for scuba diving, fly fishing, cruises and yacht charters. There are islands offering luxury hotel accommodation ranging from well developed islands to more remote holiday options. One of the most important considerations when planning a holiday to Seychelles Islands is the weather, which varies greatly by season and location on the islands themselves.

Seychelles Islands Hotels Advice

Almost all the hotels cater towards the luxury travel market - there are not many cheap hotels or resorts available. There are major islands such as Mahe and Praslin, in addition to more remote and uncrowded islands.

Mahe Island - Mahe is the Seychelles' travel hub, and most flights are to this island. It's where the cheapest holiday package deals are found, and there are various resorts to choose from. The two best luxury hotels are the Seychelles Bayen Tree and Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove.

Praslin Island - Praslin is a short 15 minute flight from the capital Mahe, and is less developed than it's counterpart, though on Praslin development is proceeding rapidly too. There are some stunning beaches on this island in the Seychelles, such as Anse Lazio beach, which is often voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are jungle trails that can be explored in addition to the beaches. Good hotels on Praslin Island include L'Archipel or Paradise Sun at L'Anse Voulbert which would be suitable for luxury family holidays to the Seychelles.

Smaller Islands - La Digue has numerous hotels but feels rather touristy, and is a 90 minute boat trip from Praslin. La Digue can be viosited on a day trip. Silhouette Island is covered in thick jungle and has just one small hotel called Silhouette Island Lodge. Fregate Island is a 15 minute flight from Mahe - there's one excessively luxurious hotel on the island, which is especially beautiful, with some stunning beaches. Fregate Island can also be visited on a day trip. Bird Island, which is a 30 minute flight from Mahe, has numerous birds and is good for birdwatching and wildlife lovers. Denis Island is a beautiful and unspoilt small island where there is little to do other than relax on the beaches, with the best hotel being Denis Island Lodge. Denis Island is also an excellent spot for fishing (fly fishing and big game fishing).

Seychelles Flights

As the Seychelles caters towards the luxury travel market, the islands don't see a huge amount of visitors compared to other sea, sand and sun beach holiday destinations. As such, there aren't a huge number of airlines that fly to the Seychelles. For direct flights to the Seychelles from the UK, Air Seychelles is often the best value, but it's crucial that you're flexible with travel dates if you're looking for a cheap flight. British Airways offers flights to via Nairobi, while Air France has flights via Paris.

Weather Information

The weather can affect your trip to the islands, which is subject to two different weather seasons. In general, the weather is warm and humid, with temperatures consistently averaging around 30C. The South East trade winds are dominant between May and September when it is slightly drier and cooler. The Indian Ocean is roughest between May and August. The weather is affected by North West trade winds from October to April, which bring calmer seas, increased humidity and higher rainfall. December to February see the highest levels of rainfall in the Seychelles, while April to September sees the least. Diving is best during the weather transition periods of April and October, when visibility is best. Tropical downpours can happen at any time of the year, though they generally pass quickly. A good travel tip to have the best weather of your holiday is to book a resort / hotel that is sheltered (by the islands themselves) from the direction of the prevailing trade winds (ie. if the South East Trade winds are dominant, try to book a resort in the North West of the islands). Another consideration for planning holidays to the Seychelles is that hotel prices increase dramatically during the peak travel seasons of December to January, the Easter period and July and August - the cheapest flights and hotel deals are always outside of these dates.

Seychelles Beaches
Beaches of the Seychelles Islands. All rights reserved.

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