Best Hotels in South America

Which are the best luxury hotels in South America? Any judgement is of course subjective, but my list would be as follows…..

The Explora hotels in Chile rank amongst the best in South America. Explora en Patagonia is a fantastic luxury hotel and the best way to see Torres Del Paine National Park for those that can afford it. The Explora en Atacama Hotel is likewise the best hotel in the Atacama Desert. The service at both the Exploras is impecable, the locations are spectacular for outdoor activities, and everyone who stays absolutely loves the experience. I’d even go as far as saying the Explora en Patagonia is the best hotel in South America. Even if you visit in the middle of winter, the hotel advises that they’ll refund all your money if you don’t enjoy your stay.

In Argentina, a few hotels are worthy of mention. The Alvear Palace in Buenos Aires is a top end traditional luxury hotel, while those seeking something a little more trendy in Buenos Aires might consider the Faena Hotel, though it is rather overpriced. Bariloche has a range of excellent hotels, one of the best that really stands out is Las Balsas in nearby Villa la Angostura, though the standard rooms are on the small side. El Calafate, a base for hiking and visiting the Perito Moreno Glacier in the South of Patagonia, has great hotels such as Eolo and Los Notros. In northern Argentina, Cavas Wine lodge would appeal to wine lovers looking for a luxury hotel near Mendoza.

In Brazil, the Copacabana Palace is the most famous, and probably best, hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The only problem with the Copacabana Palace is it’s location on Copacabana beach, which is a seedy area by day, and positively dangerous at night. The best beach resort in Brazil is possibly Ponta Dos Ganchos in Florianopolis, which is in the south of the country. To the north, Salvador is a fascinating city heavily influenced by African culture, the best hotel being Convento del Carmen, a converted monastery.

Peru also has some of the best hotels in South America. The Monasterio Hotel in Cuzco is an old converted monastery ozzing in character, but standard rooms can be quite small. At Machu Picchu, the Sanctuary Lodge would claim to be the one of the best, but in reality it’s only a good hotel, but in one of the best locations right next to the Inca ruins. The nearby Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo hotel is in fact far better.

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