Best Trekking in Latin America

Trekking Holidays in Latin America - where is best? Where’s the most dramatic scenery for trekking? What are the most memorable treks?

Patagonia (Chile and Argentina) certainly has some of the best trekking in South America. In Chile, Torres del Paine probably takes the crown as being the best place for trekking in South America. Just over the border in Argentina, El Chalten, which is about 2 hours from El Calafate, has equally dramatic landscapes and is slowly become a hub for trekking.

Torres del Paine in Chile
Torres del Paine, Chile

Peru also has some great treks. The Inca Trail is the most famous, if you’re going note that you’ll need to book it well in advance. If it is full, there’s other trails such as the Weavers Trail and Santa Teresa Trail that could be considered. However, northern Peru sees the best trekking in terms of the actual landscapes.

Ecuador is a great base for trekking also. Much of Ecuador´s Andes provide great trekking. Consider a trek at the base of or to the top of Chimborazo volcano, Ecuador´s highest peak. Alternatively, one of the most scenic is the trek fom the Paramo of Salinas (over 4000 meters in the highlands) all the way down the Andes to Piedra Blanca at 700 metres. The whole trek can be done in a long day.

Venezuela too has it’s trekking attractions. Merida is a good base, but far more spectacular is Mount Roraima, a table top mountain and one of the most spectacular in Latin America. Roraima is what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle based his book “the Lost World” upon.

Mount Roraima - trekking in Venezuela
Mount Roraima, Venezuela

In Colombia, the legendary “Ciudad Perdida” (Lost City) trek is a 5 day hike through the rainforest to some of Latin America’s most enchanting ancient ruins. Trekking in Park National Los Nevados offers a contrast as the National Park is in the Andes.

Ciudad Perdida, Colombia
Ciudad Perdida in Colombia

These are probably the best places for trekking in South America. But all countries offer options. Brazil has beautiful treks near Lencois. Bolivia’s salt plains are truely spectacular. Panama offers the Darien Gap, a swath of rainforest rife separating South from Central America that is with drug smugglers and bandits, and is suitable only for the truely adventurous / foolhardy. Guatemala’s highlands have some of the finest treks in Central America. Belize and Costa Rica both have pristine rainforests to explore. The Copper Canyon in Mexico is truely spectacular. Almost all countries have something to offer in terms of trekking holidays.

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