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This trick genuinely works - try it.  Further to my last post, the cheapest flights aren’t always booked online,  let’s take a look at internal flights within Argentina. Lan normally has the cheapest flights, but they don’t fly all routes so you might have to book with the dreaded Aerolineas Argentinas (they really are awful in terms of service and punctuality). Aerolineas are often extortionate. But there’s a trick to book the flight for less.

This trick can be done yourself, on an online flights booking site . When one is seeking internal flights within Argentina with Aerolineas Argentinas, all you have to do is add an extra flight from Buenos aires to Montevideo at the end of your flights schedule to reduce the overall cost. Of course, you don´t need to use the unnecessary Buenos Aires to Montevideo flight.

Here is an example.  You could either carry out a test by calling Aerolineas directly and asking for a quote, or you could try plugging in the following dates to a flight booking site such as Expedia.  In the following example, I´ll look at flight prices from Expedia, but consider that they are valid as of the time I am writing this (example as of 24 Nov 2007).

17 December Ushuaia (USH) to Bariloche (BRC) +

20 December Bariloche (BRC) to Buenos Aires (BUE)

Total cost = $612.

17 December Ushuaia (USH) to Bariloche (BRC) +

20 December Bariloche (BRC) to Buenos Aires (BUE) +

26 December Buenos aires (BUE) to Montevideo (MVD)

Total cost = $541.

The exact same flights are over $70 less if you add a Buenos Aires to Montevideo flight at the end!

This is one example - the trick works with all kinds of flight schedules with Aerolineas.

Why does it work? It’s something to do with the Uruguayan government paying for airlines to bring them tourists. It works a treat - of course you don’t need to catch the flight.  If you’re doing this trick just make sure the flight that you won’t be catching is the last flight in your itinerary.  also remeber that you will invariably get the cheapest rates if you book directly with Aerolineas Argentinas (though their site doesn´t allow you to book anything other than a simple return flight, so you´ll have to call.)

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