Continental Airlines Frequent Flyer (Onepass) Review

I thought I’d rant about Continental Airlines’ Onepass frequent flyer program as it’s great.  I really had no idea it’s so good - I’m starting to understand some people’s obsession of only flying with their preferred frequent flyer program.

I accumulated Onepass miles just twice over the last 18 months: One open jaw flight London to Quito, and back from Panama City with Continental, and one Alitalia flight from London to Caracas and back from Medellin. I accumulated over 30,000 “miles”, and as such I’m entitled to a two free flights from Medellin (where I’m living now) to San Andres Island in the Caribbean with Aerorepublica.  These free flights normally cost about $350 per person. From memory, the flights I booked to accumulate miles costed about $2300. So I spend $2300 on flights, and get $700 worth of flights free.  Not bad….

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