Latin America: Hottest Women in the World?

Latin America is, in part, famous for stunning women such as J Lo (Puerta Rican parents), Shakira (Colombia), Gisele (Brazil) and Salma Hayek (Mexico). Venezuela has won more Miss World competitions than any other country, and with good reason. The local men, on the other hand, are often smarmy, macho and pretty unattractive. As a male traveller, one is therefore at a distinct advantage. But where are the hottest girls in Latin America?

The following is on the whole based upon personal (pretty extensive) experience of travelling and living in various Latin American countries. Sadly I haven’t been absolutely everywhere, but I’m working on that.

Central America, on the whole, is sorely dissapointing, with the exception of Mexico (overall 8/10). Guatemala’s girls come in last with a score of 2, closely followed by Belize at 3. Costa Rica and Panama receive 5, while Cuba receives a mark of 6. The other central American countries I haven’t been to so I won’t pass comment. Mexico’s girls top Central American in terms of the hottest women, but the country as a whole is highly variable in terms of the X factor. Remarkably, Chetumal (the border town with Belize) would top my list.

South America sees a distinct improvement is standards of female attractiveness. Cross the Darien Gap and it all change. Venezuela comes in at 9 out of 10 understandably.

Venezuela Girls
Miss Venezuela Wannabees

Ecuador sees wide variety, with coastal areas such as Guayaquil seeing the most beautiful, though Quito does have a few stunners. Ecuador’s women get 7 out of 10. Peru’s girls receive 5 out of ten, while Bolivia receives a dissapointing 3. Chile is unknown to me. Argentina receives a 7 out of 10, though the women often exhibit more European, and less Latin, physical characteristics. Antarctica has only penguins and scientists so doesn’t count. Brazil sees huge variety from 0 to 10 - Ipanema beach in Rio would come in at 9 out of 10, but the country as a whole receives 7 out of 10.

Brazil: Ipanema Beach Girl, Rio
Girls in Brazil

I’ve missed one important country out, and that country receives a 10 out of 10. It’s not just because my girlfriend is from that country. Their people on the whole are the friendliest in Latin America. It’s not all about looks after all - attitude counts as well. I think it’s due to a combination of factors including the genes (Spanish / African / Indigenous / Pirate mix), plus the fact the women in this country really care for themselves. Many say that the decades long influence the drugs barons used to hold (NB. used to) over society has spawned a culture where looks really do matter, and plastic surgery is very common. Yes, the country with the hottest women in Latin America is Colombia. And the hottest girls are found in Medellin, as well as the breast enhancement capital of the world, Cali.

For further advice see the article on how to pick up stunning Latin American women.

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  1. Venezuela all the way!!! Most beauty pageants won worldwide and the people are super friendly, funny, happy, humble and know how to have a good time!!!

  2. Actually, The rank is Venezuela, Colombia(Medellin is best city), then Brazil. The rest of the countries are a few steps down.

  3. Puerto Rico has more miss Universe pageants I think!

  4. Brazil has the most beautiful women on this planet! Honest and true. I have been north and south in Brazil. Physically and attitude, you will not find a more worthy female…I know, I married one!

  5. what countrys in africa have beautiful people

  6. Oscar Bennwadden on July 1st, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    Latin women are average. There is NO WAY they compare to the beautiful babes in the United States of America. Who do all the latino women try to look like ?? The Americans.

  7. Spanissh women rock. Not Spanish women from Latin America, Spanish women from Spain. They top all.

  8. as for looking like a white girl… i think not… they are beautiful but our morals are so much better as latinas… we are family orientated on top of being beautiful and exotic

  9. Latin American women are the best of the world, especially Colombian women. How do I know? I went there this summer. American women are the way they are. There are a few good ones but most of them are not the kind of woman most men dream or want to be with. The special dream girls exist in Colombia, Dominican Republic, or any other Latin American countries. That is a fact. If you are interested in seeking a Colombian lady, go on to or

  10. u forgot paraguay

  11. actually people from america and europe go to latin america spetially venezuela to get plastic surgeries cos they are much cheaper AND BETTER than in america so… who do all american woman try to look to ? Latins !!!

  12. Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brasil…
    that’s my pick

  13. Let’s face it many American women are beautiful for sure but the attitude that goes along with it in most cases for me is not worth it. In addition, American women in many cases are very critical of men but aren’t willing to acknowledge their own issues. Women in America over 40 are the best because they know a good man when the see one and have less pretense and no time for BS. That’s fine if you aren’t interested in having a family but if you are the maturity level of the 25 – 35 US gal leaves much to be desired.

    In Latin America you can find a beautiful woman that is intelligent, fun, will treat you right and will also make a great mother and wife if you treat them respectfully. To find that here in America is not impossible but is becoming increasingly difficult.

    My picks are Brasil, Venezuela, Argentina and Peru I did not include Colombia as I have yet to go there.

  14. I don’t know where Mr. Oscar Bennwadden has been in Latin America but he surely has not been to Brasil. Take a look at where today’s Supermodels are coming from many are coming from Brasil. Women in Brasil don’t need to look like American women because post WWII immigration has many Italian, German and Spanish decedents in the South of Brasil (e.g. Giselle). One stroll at a beach in Rio or Salvador makes it plain that no comparison exists in the US.

    Plus we are not talking just beauty we are talking personality as well. Where can you find many women with model looks who are also pleasant and accommodating? In LA or NYC? Either you’ve never dated one or you are dreaming.

  15. jajjaja we no try look like american o no… uno try get sunburn to get our skin mein…

  16. Absolutely 100% agree with the author’s assessment. Mexico for Central America and Colombia for South America. But the truth is, I would pretty much take any Latin country over any other country in the world (possibly excepting some in Eastern Europe). For some reason women in English-speaking countries seem to be far less attractive than the average in other countries. UK, South Africa, Australia…terrible!! All the good looking women in these countries are foreigners!

  17. I am from England and agree Latin women are the best!! They are very beautiful but great wives/ mothers too!! My top two would be Mexican girls and Canarian girls (they have a darker look than mainland Spanish girls). Here’s to all the lovely Latinas, stay perfect!!!!

  18. Honduras! Go there…from the mountain vilages to the coastal ones and everywhere in between. Beautiful land, culture, and people!

  19. Been living in Colombia for 2 years married to a Colombian. I have to agree with the author 10 out of 10 for sure.

  20. I am from the UK also, I have been to Cali and Cartagena in Colombia.Never have I seen so many beautiful women of all ages, I ended up meeting a women of 44 while I was there. She had the body and soul of a 25 year old. So I think Colombia wins.
    I am travelling to Peru this year.
    Here’s to lovely Latina’s

  21. Have been to a few countries in Central and South America for 10 monthes in 2010. I totally agree what women in Colombia are concerned, especially Medellin and Cali, and there are also a lot of hotties in Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta. They are absolutely stunning, and especially women from Cali take extreme good care of themselves. And the attitude of these women is very positive, they are very friendly, totally different then women here in the U.S. I am going back in April of this year for another six months or so.

  22. The chilean are so beutiful, special from Concepcion side,are very nice women, good mother and look for his man, a 100%
    So you can see one day

  23. After seeing this articles publication and living in South America I’d say you’ll find beautiful women all around South America. Each country I went to I did just that looking for the best looking women.

    Chile for example in my opinion has the best women as you start heading south to areas such as Valdivia, Puerto Varas, etc. I’d give this part of Chile around a 7 but the rest of the country however around a 5.6 to possibly 6. This is paritally due to a larger German influence.

    Peru I’d say from what I saw had the best women in Lima which is the capital city. I’d rate them at roughly a 5.

    For Bolivia this guy says Bolivia is terrible but there is one place called Santa Cruz de la Sierra which the women there get an 7.5 to 8 all depends on what you see. That’s where all the models of that country go.

    Argentina gets even better, a 7 for Argentina is a shame. Cordoba has so many gorgeous women at least an 8 for a low ranking. Rosario is even better with 9’s being pretty frequent. Buenos Aires the capital of Argentina also gets a 8.5 in my book.

    Uruguay from what I saw in Montevideo gets a 7.5. The women there are kinda like the Argentines but more laid back and down to earth type of girls. I’ve met women from every country down there and although I haven’t been to these other 3 countries the girls I met from

    Brazil from Rio, Belo Horizonte, and Floronopolis were beautiful 9 hands down. Venezuelan women from Caracas are also stunning they get a 9 in my book, and lastly I’d have to agree with the publisher.

    Colombia and Medellin in particular having gorgeous women.9.5

    For those men of you reading this good luck on your trip, if you’re from the U.S. in particular you’ll never look at American girls the same. I live in California and find South American women much more loving. It does help being from a badass place ;)

  24. I have been living in Central America for 5 years and what a breath of fresh air,,Finally, beautiful women that actually like men,,Imagine that,,The women in the US have the biggest attitudes and the most negative personalities when it comes to men,,I do believe that they are all convinced that they are Gods gift to the world and men should kiss the ground they walk on,,,Sorry, the latin Amereican women are friendly, funny, love life and don’t have to have everything single material thing in the world to be happyy,,And, for the most part, they don’t outweight summo wrestlers,,,I love Latin American women,,Not just because they are beautiful, but they have respect for men and it is easy to have a great mutual respect relationship ,,It;’s great!I wish I had move here 10 years ago and left the spoiled brats in the US..Womens lib is fine, but real love goes a long way,,

  25. Venezuela is super overrated, lot’s of obesity and arabic-esque looking women.

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