When You Want a Beach Vacation, But There Are No Beaches Nearby

Further to my previous post, the best beaches in South America, certain countries in South America don´t have any decent beaches. When I worked as a Latin America specialist travel consultant, I was often asked advice on where was logical to visit for a beach wind down in conjunction with vacations to countries such as Peru, Chile and Argentina. It´s all about flight routings, and travel time……

Peru doesn´t have any decent beaches, but is one of the most visited countries in Latin America. Peru has just about everything other than beaches. After Machu Picchu, where can you logically go to chill out on a beach for a few days? You might hear “rumours” of great beaches in Northern Peru at Punta Sal and Mancora, but they´re good beaches at best.

Beaches in Peru
Beaches in Peru - this is Mancora, known for it’s surfing.

If you´re visiting Peru from Europe, the logical way to end your Peru vacation with a beach wind down is by flying with KLM, who touch down in Bonaire in the Carribean en route. If you´re not travelling from Europe, you´ll have to change planes twice to get to anywhere with a decent beach, unless you fly from Lima to Rio, though that´s a long way to go for a beach!

Beaches of Argentina are nothing special
Argentina’s beaches, including Mar del Plata, aren’t amazing - so where do you go if you need a little sun and sand added to your vacation?

Argentina and Chile both lack decent beaches. Mar del Plata in Argentina is the UK´s equivalent of Blackpool (not up to much and tacky). Nearby Punta del Este in Uruguay is glitzy and frequented by rich and beautiful Argentinian tourists, which might be suitable for some vacations. An alternative, and my beach travel tip, would be that there are flights from both Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Florianopolis in southern Brazil, which is perfect for a beach vacation.

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