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Book Argentina Domestic Flights For Less

This trick genuinely works - try it.  Further to my last post, the cheapest flights aren’t always booked online,  let’s take a look at internal flights within Argentina. Lan normally has the cheapest flights, but they don’t fly all routes so you might have to book with the dreaded Aerolineas Argentinas (they really are awful in terms […]

Cheapest Flights Aren’t Always Online

“The cheapest flights are always booked online” is a theme I push on the main site.  90% of the time this is true.  Maybe 10% of the time it couldn’t be further from the truth.  It all depends on the types of flights you’re looking for.  The real discounts aren’t found online.

Tailormade Holidays: Booking Tips

There’s different types of holidays.  The young, and young at heart, who have plenty of time on their hands often travel backpacking style, booking nothing or little in advance.  Some people like package holidays, where everything is arranged for them in one big (usually tasteless) lump.  There’s also group tours, where one travels with a group […]

Best Hotels in South America

Which are the best luxury hotels in South America? Any judgement is of course subjective, but my list would be as follows…..

Why Ecotourism is Important

These days, everyone and anyone can label themselves or their tourism project / idea / tour operator as “Ecotourism”.  It’s usually a marketing ploy to attract more business - everyone feels good if they can consider themselves to be travelling responsibly.
When I ask people “what is ecotourism?” or “what’s the definition of ecotourism?” the responses […] Travel Blog

This is the Travel tips blog.  I will try to post informative, useful travel tips to help others plan their trips to South America. I do know a lot about the continent, but obviously I don’t know everything.  If you want to contribue, please do so in the comment / post travel tips field.  […]