Colombia Safety: Kidnapping rates higher in Venezuela

I read an interesting article today about kidnapping rates in Colombia, which continue to fall. Up until this moment in 2007, in Colombia there have been 393 (mostly political) kidnappings while in Venezuela there have been 309 so far this year.

Considering that Colombia´s population is much higher, the per capita rate of kidnapping in now higher in Venezuela than in Colombia. In Venezuela, it is 12 in one million people, while in Colombia it is 9 in one million people. Statistics like this will hopefully help Colombia to shed it´s undeservedly bad image problem. You can read the full article here.

I´ll also note some other statistics [all of the following are noted in Colombia´s Lonely Planet 4th Edition, 2006]. Alvaro Uribe won the 2002 presidential election on a strong anti-guerilla ticket, and he is now Colombia´s most popular ever president. Since 2002, the security situation as dramatically improved. There are now 60% more combat ready troops. Since 2002, homicides are down 40%, acts of terror down by 66% and extortive kidnappings have declined by 79%. International investment increased by 70% in 2004. About 20 years ago, Medellin used to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Now Medellin is one of the safest cities in Latin America.

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