Whale Watching Trips

Anyone that has seen a whale in it’s natural environment knows that it is one of the most amazing travel experiences possible. South America has a huge coastline, and lots of whale watching potential. If one is in the right place at the right time, you’re almost guaranteed to see whales. Whale watching tours in South America are very seasonal, but many countries offer the possibility. Which countries are they and when?…..

Mexico is one of the top destinations for whale watching trips. Cabo San Lucas in Baja California is the best base for whale watching in Mexico. Gray whales measuring up to 50 feet migrating from the Antarctic waters to the Arctic are present in Baja California between the end of December and March. Other whales frequenting this part of Mexico include blue, humpback, sperm, fins, bryde’s, and orca whales.

Whale watching: Orca, can be seen in Mexico.

Consider Discover Pacific Tours who offer whale watching trips and other wildlife tours in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Whale watching is also possible in Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands between June and October. In Ecuador, it’s the humpback whale that is most likely to be seen, though Orca whales are often seen in addition. The coastal area around Puerto Lopez is a great base, though the entire coastline sees whales at this time of year. Puerto Lopez is near Machalilla National Park and Isla de la Plata (the “cheap mans Galapagos”). The whales sometimes come within 100 feet of the shore - no need for a boat tour! Rio Muchacho can arrange whale watching tours in this region of Ecuador.

Humpback whales also appear at the same time of the year in just up the coast in Colombia - Isla Gorgona (a fascinating old prison on an island in the Pacific) is a great base for whale watching tours in Colombia.

Brazil is also great for whale watching trips. Florianopolis, in Southern Brazil, is where southern right whales appear during the months of June to November. As June is winter in Florianopolis, it can be quite cold, so best to visit in October or November if you want to see whales, plus have a beach vacation (Brazilians will tell you that Florianopolis has Brazil’s best beaches).

At the same time of year (June to November), the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina sees the same right whale migrations - Puerto Madryn being the best base for whale watching trips.

Antarctica is also a fantastic destination for whale watching trips. True it’s expensive, but Antarctica ranks as one of the most special travel destinations in the world. The season to visit in from November to March, though the best time for whale watching (and dolphin watching, plus a plethora of other fearless wildlife) is the months of January and February, when there are various whales likely to be seen.

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  1. Please include Uruguay as a place to see whales.
    At La Paloma there is the Whale Museum can observe from the coast to the naked eye while they fabulous jumps and interact between them during the months of August September and October.
    Being a very cheap safe and easy access to many natural places of tourist interest.

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