Guide to Amadeus CRS Manipulation

This post is intended for use by travel agents who use the Amadeus Computer Reservation System to book flights.  The general public will not understand this post.  Travel agents can use these Amadeus tricks to book flights for much less than the airline wants you to.  Travel agents will undoubtedly earn $1000’s extras for their businesses using these tricks.  These secrets probably shouldn’t be in the public domain, but for the moment I’m posting them. Any travel agency who uses Amadeus can use this tricks to book flights for much less than they should be - this information is totally priceless.

Note - the Iberia, Varig and American Airlines techniques are the easiest to master - scroll down for details and maybe start with these ones.  The Lufthansa technique is variably useful, slightly complicated, easy once mastered but highly profitable. The KLM manipulation technique is extremely, extremely difficult to master, but once cracked the profit margins are huge.

I’ve used the following tricks to book flights for clients at up to £300 ($600) less than the airline technically permits.  Amadeus can be used to manipulate prices with a range of airlines, including Lufthansa, KLM, Alitalia, American Airlines, Varig, Aerolineas Argentinas and Iberia.  There may well be other airlines that similar processes can be used for. Likewise these tricks may be transferable to other CRS such as Sabre. Some of these tricks are more complicated than others - the KLM manipulation technique is the hardest to master.  However, the potential profit margins involved are huge.

I last worked with Amadeus in September 2007, and all of the following techniques worked an absolute treat. I am aware that Amadeus (and the airlines) change their systems over time to avoid such manipulation - use these “married segments” tricks while they are still valid. If you don’t fully comprehend this article re-read it until you do, because you will save a hell of a lot of money. If any section is poorly described, please do contact me with your queries and I will try to re-write in a more easily interpretable style. My speciality is flights to South America, so if experimenting (and you do have to experiment - this is a highly creative method of booking flights with a CRS) - try from London to South American destinations, and develop your own variables personally, according to where you are…

Sorry folks - I’ve removed this post about married segments as there was no point in sharing this information freely with the world. 

10 Responses to “Guide to Amadeus CRS Manipulation”

  1. Great research,any ideas for SABRE users please.

  2. Found the info given by you extremly useful. I am based in New delhi (india).
    We have Galileo being more widely used in this part of the world. can you suggest some entries on GAL to obtain better fares especially for Continental airlines.. Thanks

  3. Hi,

    Can you please let me know the entries to cancel the married segments in Amadeus. If you are charging for the same, please let me know the charges.

    Sunil Kumar

  4. Hi Sunil,

    US $300 - it can come with no guarantee though - depends on your own skill a little too!

  5. Hi
    Please let me know if you have any information on austrian airlines and iberian airlines
    How much will it cost?

  6. Hi Alice

    What exacly would you like to know? I’m not going to charge you anything.

  7. I would be glad to share some of my knowledge with my colleagues

  8. That is great that Joe is happy to share his knowledge - fire away Joe…….

  9. Please advise how to cancel married segments in Amadeus using Austrian & Lufthansa?

  10. Looking for a flight in Q class on IB JFK-MAD? Not available, but you can get it on a JFK-MAD-CM connection? No problem.

    Book that connection in Q. Then add another flight i.e. ORD to MAD in Q class on IB. Amadeus will automatically marry that new segment to the second flight, so now you will have ORD-MAD-CMN as a married connection. Delete those segments and voila… you have JFK-MAD in Q class..

    Sorry, Austrian makes me feel depressed, no way around it….

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