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Central and South america offer great potential for fishing vacations. Much of the continent is especially remote and undisturbed, and as such rivers and lakes are often teeming with fish. There´s plenty of options for deep sea fishing in addition to freshwater river and lake fishing.

The Amazon regions, such as that of Brazil, offer giant peacock bass (one of the strongest and most acrobatic of freshwater fish), payara and numerous other species. In Brazil, the area of Manaus is best for fishing on the Amazon river. The really big Peackcok Bass live in Northern Brazil, in the Rio Negro area, which is not far from Manaus. The relatively nearby Orinoco Delta of Venezuela offers similarly sized monster Peakcock Bass sometimes weighing up to 20 pounds. Peru´s Amazon area around Iquitos also has a few good fishing lodges.

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Fishing for marlin, sailfish and other big fish are popular in Venezuela.

Venezuela has excellent deep sea fishing for Marlin, sailfish and a variety of other billfish. Venezuela is also one of the best places in South America for bonefishing. Los Roques is an excellent base for fishing vacations in Venezuela - there are many small pousadas catering towards fishermen (and women). Costa Rica´s Pacific coast is also a great option for big game fishing - I managed to catch a sailfish just off the coast of Manuel Antonio, and I´m no expert fisherman!

Argentina offers excellent freshwater fishing for wild Brown trout (up to 30 pounds), Eastern Brookies and Sebago Landlocked Salmons. Bariloche and nearby Villa de Angostura, in the Lake District region, are fine bases for such fishing vacations in Argentina. An alternative destination would be the remote Iberra Wetlands in Northern Argentina, which are home to some huge freshwater Dorado. The Iberra wetlands are a very remote region about 10 hours from Iguassu Falls, and is an excellent spot for wildlife viewing holidays in general.

In Chile´s Patagonia region to the south of the country, Coyhaique is a 3 hour flight from Balmaceda, and is the best wildnerness area for fishing trips. Alternative areas incude Pucon and Puerto Montt / Puerto Varas.

When on a fishing vacation in South America, please consider that some of the larger species, such as Marlin and Sailfish, and endangered in many areas. If you do catch one, return it to the ocean. If everyone brought in the big game fish they caught, there will be none left for future generations to catch. Travel to South America responsibly!

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  1. South America fishing really is the tops. Everything from the pearly blue of the Caribbean down to the cold waters of Patagonia, the continent has everything in between. Personally I like to fish for bonefish off the shallows of Columbia and Venezuela.

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