Trendy Resorts: Where Celebrities Holiday

Where do the rich, famous, wannabee famous and celebrities visit in Latin america? On the whole, celebrities are an invariably fickle bunch. It´s not culture that they seek, but rather beaches, nightlife, glamourous photo opportunities and the ability to say “I was in X trendy place last weekend” when they get interviewed or share stories with other celebrities. Which are the most exclusive resorts and destinations of Latin America? And which celebrities own hotels in Latin America?

All the following celebs have recently taken a trip to somewhere in Latin America - Gisele, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Brook Burke, Britney Spears and Penelope Cruz. Spotted in the Caribbean have been Catherine Zeta Jones, Demi Moore and Kelly Brook. The region is clearly hot for A list celebs - but where are they all going? Photos to follow.

In Mexico, Cabo San Lucas in Baja California is a real “celebrity hotspot”. Cabo San Lucas´ proximity to LA means there´s a regular influx of famous filmstars looking for a quick break. Celebrities are particularly attracted by the great beaches and glitzy nightlife. The One and Only Palmila Resort is a favourite celebrity hangout in Cabo San Lucas for celebs such as Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Brook Burke (below).

Brook Burke in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Brook Burke in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Jessica Simpson Photo
Jessica Simpson has also visited Cabo San Lucas. Cabo is a real celebrity vacation hotspot.

Jennifer Aniston in Los Cabos, Mexico
Jennifer Aniston in Los Cabos.

Florianopolis, a beautiful island in the South of Brazil, also receives it´s fair share celebrities and supermodels. Brazilian supermodel Gisele is known to be a frequent visitor to this surfing hotspot. Ponta dos Ganchos resort is one of the most upmarket in the area. Rio de Janeiro also sees plenty of celebrities visiting, who invariably stay at the famous Copacabana Palace hotel, though both Gisele and Naomi Campbell prefer the Marina All Suites on Leblon Beach apparently. Afterwards, they might visit consider visiting the trendy beach resort of Buzios, a few hours by car from Rio (quicker in helicopter), or fly up the coast for a party at the trendy beach resort of Trancoso.

Gisele in Florianopolis, Brazil
Gisele spending New Years Eve in Florianopolis, Brazil

Also in Brazil, the small volcanic island of Fernando de Noronha is famed for having Brazil’s finest beaches. It’s an expensive island to visit, and you must fly from the mainland. It’s relative remoteness means it’s a favoured spot of celebrities of course, as proved by a recent trip by Penelope Cruz.

Penelope Cruz with friends in Fernando de Noronha
Penelope Cruz on vacation on the island of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil.

In the Caribbean, the small island of St. Barts is on all “Paris Hilton wannabee” lists of top places to visit, ideally by yacht. Celebrities love the island so much, they´ve started buying lots of property there. God help the locals.

Catherine Zeta Jones in St Barts
Catherine Zeta Jones on the island of St Barts

Kelly Brook in St Barts
Kelly Brook on holiday in St Barts Island.

Costa Rica is high on the list of many first time Latin America vacations, as proved recently by Britney Spears:

Britney Spears - looking fat in a bikini
Britney Spears looks a little fat in this bikini. She spent this holiday at Guanacaste on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, and area known for it beaches, surfing and deep sea fishing.

Not so long ago, Demi Moore visited Turks & Caicos Islands, one of the Caribbean’s most upmarket, secluded destinations. Not sure who Demi is hugging in this photo?

Demi Moore In Turks & Caicos
Demi Moore fishing with Bruce Willis in Turks & Caicos Islands.

Celebrities don´t just go on vacations, some of them even own hotels. And, of course, other celebrities love to visit them. Film director Francis Ford Coppola leads the way - he owns a few hotels in Latin America, namely La Lancha near Tikal in Guatemala, Blancaneux Lodge in Belize´s Mountain Pine Ridge and the small beach resort of Turtle Inn in Placencia, Belize. I reliably heard from his marketing manager that he´s recently developing other boutique hotels in Buenos Aires and on the Riviera Maya. Leonardo di Caprio bought an island (100 acre Blackadore Caye) near Ambergris Caye in Northern Belize. There he´s developing what will probably be known as Leonardo di Caprio´s Eco Resort in Belize - good on the man I say, I hope he understands the concept of ecotourism. Magician David Copperfield has conjured up an ultra exclusive small resort on his $50 million island (Musha Caye) in the Bahamas. You can stay if you can afford the $25,000 per night. To stay at Richard Branson´s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands might be an alternative if you have money coming out of your ears. Or there´s Catherine Zeta Jones and Micheal Douglas´ Ariel Sands, a 48 room luxury resort in Bermuda, at a far more reasonable $250 per night in the low season.

Where have you seen celebrities in Latin America and the Caribbean? I watched an England football match alongside Gary Lineker in Barbados, and that´s it.

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  1. Seems to me that St. Barts has been a popular vacation destination for a lot of celebrities during the 90’s.

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