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Patagonia Luxury Hotels, Argentina & Chile

“The Best of Patagonia” refers to a group of hotels that collectively market themselves as “a selection of the most exclusive properties in Argentina and Chile”. These ten properties are some of the most luxurious hotels in South America. Very few people, travel agencies included, realise that by booking a number of these […]

Tam Brazil Airpass

Brazil’s national airline Tam offers two airpasses, which allows international travellers discounted domestic flights within Brazil. They’re known as the Tam Brazil Airpass and the Tam South America Airpass, they’re both really good value, but there’s no genuinely useful information about these airpasses online, and having booked it for numerous clients, I though I’d share […]

Best Birdwatching Destinations

A plethora of South American countries claim to be the best destinations for birdwatching. Undoubtedly, South America does offer some of the worlds best birdwatching, but with so many countries claiming to have “the most species” or the “highest biodiversity per square km” that it all gets confusing! There’s almost 3000 bird species registered […]

Blagging business class upgrades

Airlines regularly upgrade certain people from economy class to business class. How do you become one of those “certain people” and blag an upgrade that might usually cost over $1000?

Nightlife & Partying (with Locals)

Part of South America’s charm is it’s beautiful local people. The continent has some great nightlife - where’s best for partying with the locals?

Skiing Vacations Guide

Skiing is not a vacation type that one normally associates with South America, but there are in fact many excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities, the best being in Argentina and Chile. South America’s ski season lasts during the winter months of mid-June to October - here’s a short skiing guide for those planning a ski vacation to […]