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Shamanism & Hallucinogenic Tours: Peru

Shamanistic rituals and the use of hallucinogenic plants have for centuries been a traditional practice in South America.  Hallucinogenic drugs were being administered by South American shamans long before the Western drug craze that has developed since the 1960’s.  Here I’ll take a look at some traditional shamanic practices and associated tourism potential.

Safety Records of Domestic Airlines

Yesterday a Santa Barbara Airlines domestic flight crashed en route from Merida to Caracas in Venezuela. It spurred me to do a little investigation into airline safety records of South American carriers. Here’s what I discovered.

Where to Study Spanish

Where is best to study Spanish in Latin America? Why study Spanish in Latin America? Here’s a few tips for selecting a country and a Spanish school.

Colombia vs. Venezuela (Travel)

This post explains why Venezuela has next to nothing to offer potential travellers in comparison to neighbouring Colombia. I’ll look at a range of issues and comparable travel highlights, including the beaches, colonial cities, adventure travel, the local girls, the local people and safety issues.

Cheapest Flights Advice

One question I regularly see asked on various South America travel forums is along the lines of “where is cheapest to fly to in South America?”. Here’s some suggestions and tips on finding the cheapest flights to South America.

Student & Backpacker Discount Tips

Here’s a selection of tips for student travellers and backpackers to make their money go a little further when travelling in South America (& the world).

Mountain Biking Ideas

With such a varied terrain encompassing volcanoes, lakes and rainforest, South America has some fantastic mountain biking trails. The best opportunities are found in the Andes - there’s fine biking in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Patagonia. Here’s a few ideas for mountain biking tours in South America.

Best Luxury Family Vacation Ideas

Bored of culture-less package beach vacations to the Caribbean, Spain and a host of other countries, as travelling evolves, families are increasingly looking for more adventurous, interesting fun-filled holidays. South America has numerous destinations perfect for family vacations - here’s some of the best ideas…..

Brazil: 2008 Rio Carnival

Saturday 2 February 2008 and it’s the start of the infamous carnival in Brazil. Over half a million tourists are visiting to experience Brazil’s carnival, and the biggest party is at Rio de Janeiro. The Rio Carnival is a four day non-stop marathon party where no act is unheard of. It’s the worlds biggest […]