Brazil: 2008 Rio Carnival

Saturday 2 February 2008 and it’s the start of the infamous carnival in Brazil. Over half a million tourists are visiting to experience Brazil’s carnival, and the biggest party is at Rio de Janeiro. The Rio Carnival is a four day non-stop marathon party where no act is unheard of. It’s the worlds biggest street party, here’s some photos from some of the previous carnivals in Brazil.

Rio Carnival photos:

Rio Carnival

Street dancing and parades last for 4 days in Rio, and throughout Brazil:

Carnival in Brazil

The carnival is full of beautiful Brazilians:

A Flamboyant Costume!

It’s not just parades to marvel at - there’s dancing in Rio’s streets too:

Street Party at Carnival

This lucky guy has been honoured with the symbolic key to the gates of Rio de Janeiro:

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

It’s a true exhibition - no problem staring Rio’s locals:

Local people of Rio, Brazil

Carnival in Rio & Brazil is always a joyous occasion full of happy people:

Happy Brazilian People at the Rio Carnival

Travel to Brazil not just for the carnival, remember there’s also great beaches in Rio:

Ipanema Beach, Rio, Brazil

Brazil’s Carnival is possibly South America’s no.1 tourist attraction. It’s not just Rio de Janeiro that sees carnival celebrated in South America - it’s celebrated throughout the continent. See the post on carnivals in South America for other ideas (many argue that Salvador and Olinda’s carnivals are the best in Brazil), or if you’re considering a vacation check out our Brazil travel guide.

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  1. FYI - the 2009 Rio Carnival is about to begin - 22 February 2009!

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