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One question I regularly see asked on various South America travel forums is along the lines of “where is cheapest to fly to in South America?”. Here’s some suggestions and tips on finding the cheapest flights to South America.

From North America, the further you fly, the more expensive it will be, generally speaking. I’ll mention flights from Europe from now onwards.

Flights from Europe are a little more complicated.  Occasionally, it’s possible to find charter flights to places such as Natal, Fortaleza or Recife on Brazil’s northern coast for under £300 - but these are scarce.  There are also charter flight routings to Cancun (and other destinations) in Mexico and Isla Margarita (Venezuela). As for scheduled flights (ie the major airlines), normally, it’s cheapest to fly to Caracas in Venezuela (the lowest special offer prices being about £450).  The other countries in the northern section of South America are quite a bit more expensive to fly to: flights to Ecuador, Peru or Colombia are rarely under £600, and the cheapest fares are normally via USA (Virgin flights via Miami are often cheapest for such routings).

It’s cheaper to fly to Brazil - airlines sometimes release special offers (all the special offers are invariably for a maximum stay of 1 month) to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for under £500, but normally you’re looking at paying about £600 for flights to Brazil.

As for flights from Europe to Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama, there’s often great value airfares for as low as £450 with Air France or KLM via Miami, Houston or Atlanta (onward flights are normally with Taca).

So where’s the cheapest place to fly to in South America? The answer is Venezuela, but there are some excellent value flights to a range of other destinations in addition. Check out are South America flights page for information on airline routes, more tips, and advice on who to book with.

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