Miss World - Latin Candidates

Here’s a selection of some Miss World photos - and some of the finest Latin American candidates that have been seen over the years.

It certainly has to be said that Central, South & Latin America don’t lack beautiful girls. The Miss World photos below can be clicked on to increase the image size. This selection of photos of previous Miss World candidates include some of the finest from years gone by.

Miss Mexico - should have won Miss World 2007

Miss Mexico - should have won Miss World 2007?

Miss Mexico, from Mexico City

Miss Mexico - can be found in upmarket nightclubs in Mexico City and Cancun at times (if you’re lucky).

Miss Mexico - might be found on beaches such as those in Cancun

Cancun is this Miss Mexico’s favourite travel destination apparently.

Miss Brazil photo - this girl should have won Miss World 2007?

Miss World 2007 could easily have been won by Brazil (above), but wasn’t (won by China instead!)

Miss Brazil 2006

Miss Brazil with some girl friends by a swimming pool.

Natalia Guimaraes who lives in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is were Natalia Guimaraes is from.

Natalia Guimaraes, a former contestant from Brazil

Natalia again, a former Miss Brazil, with some girl friends.

Miss Argentina

Miss Argentina - from Buenos Aires

Miss argentina with Miss Panama

Panama (right) along with Argentina.

Miss Bolivia

Miss Bolivia - born in La Paz, lives in Santa Cruz.

Peru, along with Brazil and Bolivia

From left to right - Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and ?

Miss Colombia candidates

Miss Colombia candidates, from Cali, Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena, Barranquilla and other places in Colombia.

Miss Universe, along with Colombia

Miss Universe, along with Colombia’s candidate from Cartagena.

Miss Costa Rica, from San Jose

Miss Costa Rica, from San Jose, on a beach.

Miss Honduras, from Roatan Island

Honduras’ 2007 candidate.

Miss Nicaragua, from Tegucigalpa

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Panama

A Miss Panama candidate

Panama, Colombia and Bolivia

Candidates from Panama, Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina.

Miss World 2007 - Paraguay candidate

Should Miss World 2007 have been won by Paraguay? There’s a strong argument…

Miss Paraguay

Miss Paraguay - quite amazing…. shame the country is so little visited!

Curacao & Aruba - better known for their beaches

Curacao & Aruba are better known for their beaches, but here are a couple of exemplary girls along with Paraguay’s candidate.

Nicaragua & Paraguay

South American girls - Paraguay and Nicaragua along with two unknowns.

Puerto Rico - beaches are better known than the girls

Puerto Rico’s beaches are as well known as their girls.

Miss Uruguay

Miss Uruguay, on a cruise ship, along with Peru and Nicaragua.

Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela Contestants

Miss Venezuela contestants.

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