Panama Road Trip - Azuero Peninsula

A continuation of the post on our recent Panama road trip - details of the amazing beaches on the Azuero Peninsula.

After just one night in El Valle de Anton, we travelled onwards to the Azuero Peninsula, the perfect region for a road trip in Panama. The Azuero Peninsula is off the beaten track rural Panama, with the countries friendliest local people and vaste swathes of remote, beautiful and thouroughly empty beaches. Armed with google satellite images and Google Maps print offs, the Azuero Peninsula was just made for exploration by car hire.

We spent three nights in Pedasi, and then continued driving until the road ended West of Tonosi, where we slept in hammocks for a night at Gonzalez Surf Camp in Los Buzos. We dubbed the location ‘the end of Panama’ as it was so remote. We’d have loved to continue along the coastal road / track even further westwards, but it was genuine four by four territory.  There is a road, though it’s not marked on any maps, that continues for miles along the coast South and West of Tonosi, but when it temporarily turned into a beach we thought that our little Toyota Yaris had seen enough.  See the section on the Azuero Peninsula for extensive travel tips and advice on hotels and beaches in this remote part of Panama.

Panama Road Trip - post 2 of 4 - Continued - next to Santa Catalina and Coiba Island….

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