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Community Ecotourism Project Development Guidelines

This is an extensive post advising how a rural community can undertake to develop a community ecotourism project from scratch, without any funding. I address issues such as the motivation of the local community, the pre-planning of a project, the development and marketing of a community ecotourism project and how Google Adsense can be used […]

Malaria Zones - Where?

Go to your doctor, and tell him/her that your going to Latin America, and they’ll almost certainly tell you you “must” take malaria pills, which are very expensive. Very often, indeed for most holiday makers to Latin America, you don’t need malaria pills. A small percentage of people can have some extremely averse reactions to […]

Never Buy Lonely Planet (Why?)

I’ve always been thouroughly disappointed at the quality of Lonely Planet’s travel guidebooks with regards to Latin America. Then I read a shocking article explaining why they are quite so poor.

Empanada Recipes

This is an overview of different kinds of empanadas from Argentina provinces, plus recipe details (guest written).