BA Soho Rooms & Hotels in Palermo, Buenos Aires

Palermo is Buenos Aires’ chic and trendy district. Streets are lined with boutique style clothes shops, cafes, restaurants and trendy bars. For nightlife, Palermo is the best district to stay in, and it’s also a great part of Buenos Aires for restaurants. Where should you stay in Palermo?

We opted for the BA Soho Rooms bed and breakfast in Palermo. As the name suggests, it’s more a room to rent than a hotel proper. There’s just five rooms, and a range of standards to choose from. You feel like you’re renting someone’s apartment, as the hotel is essentially a converted, stylish apartment, and you’re given your own set of keys to the building. Breakfast is provided - a simple affair of toast and coffee. For the price (from $45 a night) and location (a couple of blocks from the heart of Palermo), this is a really good hotel in Buenos Aires. Just don’t expect a typical hotel.

Those with more money to spend could consider various other boutique hotels in Palermo. The Home and Bo Bo hotels are two of the best hotels in Buenos Aires found in Palermo district, while the 1555 Malabia House and the Soho All Suites are also well regarded. There’s various other options in addition, including Cahuel, Cypress Inn, Jacaranda, Krista Boutique Hotel and the Vain Boutique Hotel. Whether they’re worth splashing out the money on is a different question - we had no complaints about the excellently priced BA Soho Rooms.

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