Iguazu Falls - A Panorama

These photos are quite so special I thought they warranted an individual post. Together they give one a great feeling of what Iguazu Falls, South America’s most spectacular natural attraction, is all about.

Panoramic photo of Iguazu Falls
Iguazu falls panoramic photo - click for a larger image.


During the rainy season, Iguazu Falls are truely monstrous in size.


Iguazu Viewpoint
Iguazu is also spelt Iguasu, depending upon whether you’re in Brazil, or Argentina. Both countries border the spectacular waterfalls, and both Brazil and Argentina offer different viewpoints and views, such as that in this photo above.


Iguazu Falls - boat trips
The more adventurous will take boat trips to near the base of the falls, for a truely amazing view.

See my Iguazu Falls guide, or the travel guides to Brazil and Argentina for further advice. Iguazu Falls combines well with both vacations to Brazil and Argentina.

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