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Best Surfing Destinations

This is a guide to the best surfing destinations in Central and South America, covering Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Chile.

About One Way Flights & Onward Tickets

If you’re a tourist, and have a one way flight ticket to Latin America, chances are you won’t even be allowed to board the flight. Better read this article first.

Kidnapping Statistics - Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador & Venezuela More Prone than Colombia

Kidnapping statistics show that you’re more likely to be kidnapped in Mexico, Ecuador or Venezuela than in Colombia. Read this article, get over the fear and paranoia, then visit Colombia!

Choosing a Caribbean Island to combine with a Latin America Vacation

Having just added to the Caribbean section of the main travel guide, I’ll now include an article advising how to sensibly go about choosing a Caribbean island to combine with a vacation to Central or South American destination.

Unique Christmas Vacation Ideas

While the sizeable majority of the world spend Christmas at home, round the tree with the extended family, many choose this holiday period to get away. Here’s some suggestions for unique Christmas’s that can be spent in Latin America.

Flights from UK to Central America or South America for £350

I recently discovered a way to book seriously cheap flights from UK to Central American countries as well as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia. You can’t do this one online….

The Best Latin America Travel Blogs

Here’s a collection of the best travel blogs related to Central and South America that I think worthy of attention. As I don’t have a “blogroll”, I’ll link to them from here, ordered by countries as one travels in a Southerly direction, after suggesting more regional travel guide blogs. If you’ve further suggestions just […]

Climate & Weather Considerations

What’s the best time to visit X? When is the rainy season in Y? Central and South American countries have wildly diverse climates. At certain times of the year, you really don’t want to be visiting certain places. Here I’ll run briefly you through the seasons, weather and climate of all countries in Latin America.

LAN South America Airpass

Lan offers what is known as a “Lan South America Airpass”. The airline Lan is based in the countries of Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. From those hubs, almost every country is covered by their network of flights. A Lan South America Airpass is, without doubt, one of the cheapest ways to fly within South […]

Tourism Trends & Visitor Numbers

Every wondered where everyone is visiting in Latin America?