The Best Latin America Travel Blogs

Here’s a collection of the best travel blogs related to Central and South America that I think worthy of attention. As I don’t have a “blogroll”, I’ll link to them from here, ordered by countries as one travels in a Southerly direction, after suggesting more regional travel guide blogs. If you’ve further suggestions just drop them in the comment box or let me know!

Regional Guides & Blogs

Unique South America Travel Experience - there’s plenty more very useful information here on this comprehensive blog about travelling to South America.

TravelOjos - lots more useful info about travelling to and life in Latin America.

Southern Cone Travel - Wayne Bernhardson is an author of Moon guidebooks - check is blog for loads of tips on the “Southern Cone” countries ie. Argentina and Chile, also with emphasis of Easter Island, Buenos Aires, the Falkland Islands and Patagonia as a whole.

Barts Travel Blog - lots of quirky and enthusiastic travel advice about Latin America,


Panama Casco Viejo - all about the culture of Panama and Panama City.


Good times in Medellin - all about living in Medellin [where I used to live].


En Peru: advice on the travel, history and culture of Peru from Stuart Starrs.

Peru Food - all about dining and food in Peru.


Brazil travel blog - loads of genuinely useful information about travelling to Brazil by Tony Galvez.

Expat Brazil - all about living in, and life in, Brazil.

Daily Rio Life - a personal take on life in Rio.

Chronical of Brazil - all about life in Salvador and Bahia.

This week in Bahia - more on life in Salvador and Bahia.

Life in Sao Paulo - Greg and Cath offer their experiences of living in Sao Paulo.

Tropical Biodiversity - Steve Alexander writes all about flora and fauna in the Amazon rainforest.


Argentina’s Travel Guide - regularly updated, this is certainly one of the most comprehensive blogs about travelling to Argentina.

Living in Patagonia - loads of useful advice about travelling to and living in Patagonia.

Buenos Aires Guide - all about travel to and things to do in Buenos Aires.

Moving to Argentina - all about life in and tips on moving to Buenos Aires and Argentina.

Expat Argentina - lots more opinion and commentary about all things about Argentina.

Trendy Palermo Viejo - multiple language website all about what’s happening in the trendiest Buenos Aires suburb.

Discover Buenos Aires - relatively new blog all about BA.. we’ll see how it pans out…

Bloggers in Argentina - a ridiculously large collection of other blogs about Argentina.

I’ll keep adding to this list as I discover more fellow Latin America travel bloggers……

3 Responses to “The Best Latin America Travel Blogs”

  1. Hey Chris,
    Thanks for rating our blog so highly!
    I will now enjoy reading all of your blog entries
    Have fun,
    Greg and Cath

  2. This is a great list! Definitely an inspiration. I’d love for you to check out my site as well It is about my adventures in Buenos Aires, Argentina and this year I will be traveling more throughout Latin America!

  3. I’d like to add one more travel blog to this excellent list of South America travel bloggers. Check out South America Travel News, a great resource for those planning a trip to South America. There’s interviews, top 10 lists, insider’s tips, and more!

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