Unique Christmas Vacation Ideas

While the sizeable majority of the world spend Christmas at home, round the tree with the extended family, many choose this holiday period to get away. Here’s some suggestions for unique Christmas’s that can be spent in Latin America.

Remember that all countries in Latin America are mainly catholic, religious beliefs are widely held, and Christmas is a very important annual event. Prices are often at a premium over the festive season (including New Year), so expect to be paying more. Also remember that flights can be extremely expensive – many Latin Americans return to their home countries for Christmas, and most of them book their flights many, many months in advance – you’d be wise to do the same as otherwise availability can be very limited. Here’s those suggestions for a special Christmas in Latin America.

The Amazon Rainforest

It’s probably not one that immediately jumps to mind, but it would certainly be an unforgettable experience. While the monkeys, birds and other array of animals will continue about their business as normal, many indigenous groups in the Amazon have (sadly many will say) been Christianized – so expect some very unique cultural interchanges and experiences. A Christmas vacation in the Amazon rainforest is one you’re unlikely to forget – you might visit Ecuador, Peru or Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. In the latter case, head to Rio de Janeiro for New Year for the continents most riotous New Year celebrations.


December is the perfect time to visit Antarctica, so why not visit over Christmas? Most cruises are at least 10 days in length, so expect to be spending New Year in the Antarctic circle – just don’t expect any darkness. You can expect lots of fearless wildlife found in huge colonies set amidst one of the worlds most spectacular landscapes. This won’t be a cheap Christmas holiday though!


For many, the simplest choice is to head in search on some winter sun and lovely beaches. Where better to spend a truly relaxing Christmas other than in the Caribbean. Choose a luxury all inclusive resort and be completely pandered to. No more Christmas cooking for the relatives - lots more chilling on beaches!

Christmas on a Caribbean beach anyone?

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