About One Way Flights & Onward Tickets

If you’re a tourist, and have a one way flight ticket to Latin America, chances are you won’t even be allowed to board the flight. Better read this article first.

One way flight tickets to Latin America are designed for residents of countries in Latin America. If you’re a tourist from somewhere like Europe or North America, when you go to check in for a one way flight you will often be asked for proof of residency in the country you are flying to. If you can’t produce a passport from the country you are flying to, you’ll often be told you cannot board the flight unless you fork out for a return ticket. This is because most countries state that tourists must have an onward ticket to be allowed entry into the country. Don’t get stung!

Generally speaking, a travel agent won’t even allow you to book a one way flight without checking with you that you do have right of residency in that country. The problem comes from booking online with sites like Expedia and Travelocity - they don’t bother checking. A lot of people get caught out.

About Onward Tickets

Open jaw tickets are fine. An open jaw ticket is a flight into one country and out of another country. Almost all airlines offer them. So flying from Europe to Brazil, and returning from somewhere as far afield as Mexico is fine - you just have to prove that you’ve got a ticket back to your home country from somewhere.

If you’re still determined to get a one way flight ticket, there is a way around this, though expect some hassle along the way. You could by a one way ticket to a country (say Venezuela - often the cheapest destination to fly to in South America) and purchase a cheap separate flight from Venezuela (or whatever country) to a neighbouring country (eg. Colombia). At least this will allow you to get into Venezuela as you can prove you have a flight ticket out of the country. You could then not bother to take the second flight you booked (in this example Venezuela to Colombia) and travel between countries overland. The problem with this is that at any point on whatever border crossing an immigration official could ask for evidence of your outbound flight. If you can’t show a flight back to your home country, you’re stuck. Expect big hassles. If you can demonstrate that you have a big bank balance it will help, but you’ll still be in for all sorts of hassles.

If you do take this approach, it’s probably best to design some kind of fake outbound flight ticket. Follow this link for a Word File blueprint of a fake E-ticket to use for immigration purposes - as it’s all in English, chances are that the immigration officials will take one look at it and believe it. Make sure you put in your correct name, the name of a suitable airline, different dates and flight times to suit you and change the destinations and airports too.

Buying one way flight tickets to Latin America really is more hassle than it’s worth. When you want to return to your home country, you’ll normally end up paying for a new return flight anyway because there are very few one way flights offered from Latin America to other destinations.

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