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Tips for Travelling Safely in Latin America

You’re right to be cautious at times when visiting Latin America, but so many people are way too paranoid. “Is it safe to travel to South America?” is a question asked all too often - yes it is safe, but here’s some genuinely different tips to make travelling to Central & South America that […]

Photos of Latin Life 100 Years Ago

Times have changed, but this selection of very, very old photos and pictures demonstrate what life was like for the real pioneering tourists and settlers in Latin America.

Patagonia - A Journey to the World’s End, and Back Again

Patagonia. The name alone conjures images of explorers, windswept plains, craggy glaciers, and reflective lakes. Stretched across Chile and Argentina, the region offers a wealth of activities, sights, and accommodations for even the most discerning travelers. Here, some travel tips for enjoying a three-week trip through Patagaonia.

Top 5 Legendary Nightclubs

Which are the greatest, most legendary and widely respected / talked about nightclubs in South America?

10 Tips for Travellers to Quito, Ecuador

What to do… where to go… day trips…. how best to do it… - having lived in Ecuador and visited Quito on dozens of occassions, here’s my top 10 travel tips about Ecuador’s capital city.

Why the Latin People are Half of the Attraction

The friendly people of Latin America are part of the regions unique charm, as these diverse photos demonstrate.