Why the Latin People are Half of the Attraction

The friendly people of Latin America are part of the regions unique charm, as these diverse photos demonstrate.

Part of the reason that I, and many others, love Latin America is because of it’s people. They are friendly, welcoming, ethnically diverse, helpful, interesting and beautiful all at the same time. They are also chilled out (many would say too chilled), especially in coastal areas. Unlike in Africa and Asia, here you rarely get hassled by vendors and salesmen - though of course there are exceptions to this.

Latin American people are probably the most ethnically diverse (and beautiful) in the world - there’s a huge gene pool mixing indigenous, African, Spanish and pirate (!) blood. The following photos of the people of Latin America prove that point.

San Blas - Kuna Indians of Panama
Kuna Indians of the idyllic San Blas Island in Panama


Cuban people - man smokes cigar
Cuban man smokes cigar in Havana - what a dude….

Venezuelan girl, Caracas
Stereotypically beautiful Venezuelan girl in Caracas.

Matis People of Brazil
Matis tribe of Brazil - yes you can even visit them if you head to Leticia (Colombia) and pop over the border.

Brazilian people at carnival in Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian people know how to celebrate carnival - head to Rio, Salvador or Olinda for the best festivities.


Indigenous Peruvian People
Peru’s indigenous people are found all over the Sacred Valley - indeed throughout the country.

Miss Venezuela Candidates
Miss Venezuela candidates from the past

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