UK FCO belatedly updates it’s advice on travel to Colombia

About three years later than it should have done, and after much lobbying by the Colombian Government, the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has finally updated it’s travel advisory with regards to visitors to Colombia.

The FCO travel advisory for Colombia was for years very out of date and put many people (Brits especially) off visiting the country. A week ago it was updated in a major fashion. The previous travel advice made really unpleasant (and outdated) reading suggesting that huge portions of the country were extremely dangerous and to be avoided at all costs, wheras now the advice has a rather more positive outlook.

Now the FCO even points out that “the overall security situation in Colombia has improved considerably in recent years”. It’s interesting to note that many of the regions previously classified as being dangerous no longer are classified as such. The general current theme is that we shouldn’t visit areas where coca is being cultivated whereas before the advice was to totally avoid the entire province is there was a suggestion that coca was being cultivated there. We’re now simply advised not to visit border areas with Panama, Ecuador and Venezuela, as well as a handful of other places. In terms of tourism destinations, the advice is that most of the Pacific Coast should be avoided (except Bahia Solano), we shouldn’t take the Ciudad Perdida trek and we shouldn’t head too far inland in Park Tayrona. Just about everywhere else is now deemed as being safe to visit.

I’m sure that the tourist hordes will soon discover Colombia…

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