How to Pick Up Latin Women

A lot of men visit Latin America in part because the women there are beautiful and they want to meet them, so here’s some advice for you guys looking to pick up Latin women. If you find this article offensive or distasteful - tough luck! I’m sure most men will find it both interesting and helpful.

So how can you pick up beautiful Latin women?

Now I’m not claiming to be an expert pick up artist, but I have had a few Latin romances in the past, and my girlfriend is an extremely beautiful Colombian, so I must have down something right. Consider all these important points.

1. Personal Hygiene

Most Latin women take their personal hygiene extremely seriously. You would be well advised to do the same. For a Latin girl, there’s nothing worse than a smelly Western gringo – and don’t think they won’t notice even if you’re the slightest bit “cochino”. Latin women are the most well maintained women on the planet, and you’ll score plenty of brownie points by doing your best to maintain yourself too. Foot deodarant is almost unheard of where I come from (England), but many Latin girls will consider you a dirty European if you don’t use it. Why do the French have so many perfumes? Cos they’re smelly, dirty people (according to my Colombian girlfriend at least). Beards and stupid facial hair are (on the whole) out of the question. They’ll be looking in your ears, as well as under your nails. Did you ever think of getting a manicure? Actually a hell of a lot of Latin American men do – cos they know the ladies look at their nails. And in their ears. And at their facial hair. And skin. So make an effort.

2. Learn to Dance

This aspect is important, but if you’re a useless dancer, it’s not the end of the world. Either way, be able to accept that you’re totally inferior to everyone else when it comes to dancing to the local music, whether it’s salsa, samba or reggaeton. What makes the difference is trying to make an effort. Just don’t try to make an effort without a little basic instruction first. There’s plenty of one week salsa classes that you can take for example. Salsa is an immensely difficult type of dance to pick up – it’s something that’s in the blood of most Latin people who have been relative salsa pro’s since the age of five – so take some lessons and get practicing. You won’t look as good a dancer as the Latin men, but you’ll be seen as the “gringo” man at least making an effort. If you pick up salsa, you should be able to pick up many of the other Latin rythms by default - samba (from Brazil) is kind of vaguely similar, though more frenetic. And Reggaeton (the other type of music you’re most likely to hear in Latin America) is essentially Hispanic hip-hop, and great for dirty dancing. Get practising – learn the moves, take some lessons and it’ll pay off.

3. Know where to Hunt

Choosing an appropriate hunting ground is very important. Best to go where the locals go. Don’t bother with places frequented by other foreigners or tourists – to make the most of your advantage you want to head to places where foreign (exotic) people are a novelty. Tourist hotspots such as Rio, Cuzco or Cancun are unlikely to be good hunting grounds as the local women are accustomed to being surrounded by foreign holiday makers.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - lots of stunning women, especially on Ipanema beach, but a lot of competition and familiarity with international tourists.

Miss BrazilGo to random places. Big cities that don’t see a huge number of tourists are winners – so in Brazil hit Sao Paulo or Brasilia rather than Rio (or if you do go to Rio go out of your way to avoid the touristy nightspots), in Argentina head to Cordoba rather than Buenos Aires, in Ecuador choose Guayaquil not Quito, in Colombia choose anywhere such as Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla or Bogota , in Peru Lima is good and central Mexico is full of big cities with few foreigners. In addition, any large town or city that is hardly mentioned in your guidebook is probably a great bet for going hunting – get off the beaten track a little. If you’re the only gringo in town you’re chances of picking up the beautiful women are massively increased, as all the local people will want to know who you are, and what you’re doing in their random city. University towns such as Merida (Venezuela) and Cordoba (Argentina) are great options too, as they’re full of open minded students. See also the previous article on where to find the hottest women in Latin America.

4. Know when to Hunt

Weekends are busy, often too busy, with too many men cracking on to all the local women. You’ll probably have more luck mid-week, though less women to choose from. Also, remember that Latin American people go out late – don’t expect much buzzing nightlife until after 10pm at least (on the weekends many people don’t go out until after midnight).

Domestic holiday seasons are also good times to pick up Latin women in popular domestic resorts – those on holiday are generally more up for a laugh.

Colombian resorts such as Santa Marta, San Andres and Cartagena are some of the best options.
Colombia’s beach resorts, such as those of San Andres, Santa Marta and Cartegena, are popular with local tourists, but with few “gringos” in sight - a winning combination if you visit at the right (busy) time of year.

5. Everything about you that is Un-Latino normally works to your advantage.

Latin men’s charms are an (apparently) over-exaggerated myth when it comes to conquering Latin women. Being a smarmy, arrogant, I’ll tell you want you want to hear type of bloke is so not the way to go about it. Be everything that is the opposite to the definition of how Latin men try to pick up Latin women. So don’t try to copy the smooth talking, fancy themselves type Latin men that you might see in a nightclub or bar – this is, actually, the definition of what Latin women hate. Confidence is one thing, but being a slime ball is another. You want to be different, and anything that you can do to emphasize your difference compared to all those other local men in whatever place you’re in works to your advantage. Key personality traits that you might want to emphasize displaying include being down to earth, interested in what other people are telling you about, intelligent, and from a being from a totally alien, different society. Being able to take your booze (drink) works to an advantage too. Just behave differently from those drunken, local men.

6. Approaching and Meeting Latin Women

Miss Venezuela Candidates
Past Miss Venezuela candidates - consider no woman “out of your league”.

It’s important to note that Latin women are used to being approached by supposedly charming strangers the whole time – it’s part of the Latin culture. Many Latin men don’t think twice about approaching female strangers – learn a lesson from their books, but do it a little differently.

In salsa or samba “discos” or nightclubs it’s very common for men to approach LatinMedellin - Mangos Nightclub women and ask them for a dance and the response is invariably positive [note – common in salsa and samba clubs, but less so in “electronica” nightclubs]. When the song changes, dancing partners often return to their seats, and within 30 seconds another man has come along holding out one hand saying “will you dance?” – it’s as simple as that. Remember that Latin people love to dance – it’s in their blood. The opportunity of teaching a relatively useless “gringo” dancer how to salsa is often far too tempting an opportunity to pass up on.

Just remember it’s always going to be better for you to approach / target women that aren’t obviously with a boyfriend – so if you approach a women-only group the chances of you being declined a dance are close to zero. Just ask one for a dance.

If you cannot / don’t like dancing, approach women with a simple question seeking their advice about the town/city you’re in. Point out that you’ve just arrived, and are looking for some advice about where to go, what’s fun to do, or where can you find a bar/club that plays X type of music. All are perfectly innocent questions to break the ice and meet the target women. Forget the corny one liners - no need for them.

There is, however, a more cunning way to approach Latin women, as I explain in the next point….

7. Play the GAME when approaching totally stunning Latin women

This tactic works best with absolutely stunning women - for simply pretty girls it’s probably not necessary to employ this tactic. For stunners that you might consider to be “out of your league”, give it a shot.

Taking tips and advice from Neil Straus’s legendary book “The Game”, this is my personal take on how best to approach Latin women. It should work both in Latin American countries and also in terms of approaching Latin women who are outside of their home countries (eg. students studying abroad).

Many Latin women are truely stunning – the real gems amongst them will almost certainly have figured out the fact that they are beautiful by themselves. Many wannabee male charmers will have told them how stunning they are - don’t fall into the trap of doing the same. If you want them, you’re best off totally ignoring them.

What the hell am I talking about? Here’s an example….

Group of Latin GirlsLet’s say you’re in a bar and you spot a group of four women nearby. One is a total stunner, while the others are average / pretty without being amazingly beautiful. You want to get to know and ultimately pick up the stunning target girl. Your best tactic is to somehow get chatting to / dancing with the group, but totally ignore / put down the stunning target girl.

Am I mad or what? No…

Ignore the stunning girl. Chat to and charm her friends instead. Maybe ask her friends to dance / teach you how to dance salsa (great if you’ve had a few lessons before - pretend you haven’t). The stunning girl will be shocked that the “gringo” seems more interested in her friends when she is oh-so used to having sleazy Latin men oogling over her and ignoring these same friends in whom you now appear so interested. Remember that as a foreigner you’re so different to the local men – you’re a bigger fish – 30 minutes of paying no attention to her whatsoever whilst laughing, joking and dancing with her less attractive friends will often leave her gagging for attention.

Don’t think that any girl is out of your league – they’re not if you play it right.

Gently brush the stunning target girl’s comments off as irrelevant, put her down, tell her whatever comes into your mind such as comments along the lines of “those shoes make your ankles look big”, or “in my country no-one wears those colours because we associate it with Hitler”, or “you’ve got something in your nostril”, or “I can see the red marks from where you just plucked your eyebrows”. Don’t do this rudely though – don’t make her hate or despise you – what you want to do is intrigue her as to why you don’t seem to be attracted to her when she’s so used to all the local men cracking on to her.

After a certain amount of time of these seemingly mad antics (behave this way for anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours if you can), slowly turn your attention to the stunning target girl. She’ll really appreciate the attention after you’ve been ignoring her all night. Suddenly you’ll have various newly-made female friends all wanting to chat to you – but at this stage you can focus on getting to know the stunning target girl who at this stage will hopefully be totally infatuated in you.

[Note – in terms of initially starting to chat to a group of Latin girls / individual girl, it’s normally best to have a “wingman” working with you – the best type of wingman is actually a “wingwoman” – a female relative or close female friend who can be sent in to “break the ice” (under your instruction) with seemingly innocent female banter / comments / questions about clothes and subsequently introduce you to the unsuspecting female targets.]

That’s all I can come up with at the moment. Do drop your own tips into the comment box - especially if you’re a Latin woman reading this!


10 Responses to “How to Pick Up Latin Women”

  1. I wish I had read this years ago - thanx for some great advice!

  2. I’m heading to Rio from June to August. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I can agree with you on most of what you have said. It took me a long time and allot of fun to get married to the perfect Brazilian woman. Femails in S.America are so much more refined than their counterparts in Europe - especially the UK which is where i am from too. Being the nice gringo does work its charm especially being understanding with the women. But Latin women have a rougher side too. That to which they like a man to be strong. To take the lead and show his prowess. Once you pick up the beautiful girls it is an altogether different game to keep them….. Good luck guys and for sure come to the bars and clubs here in Rio de Janeiro Brazil you will be amazed at the ratio of girls to guys HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Hi..Im leaving my comment first of all because im a latin girl, and I have to say that most of the tips youre are talking about here makes me remember of things that happened to me in the past.. and that they are must be useful for you guys, because its true we LOVE foreigns or “gringos” and this tips makes us love them more, hahaha…. but sometimes you also have to show your strong side with us and not play the “nice gringo” all the time, and ALWAYS REMEMBER we get bored easily, so you have to make your best try and always effort!
    latin girls rule!! ;)

  5. LOL! Though some of this advice is true, a lot of it is hilarious! In this article, there is a definite racist tinge and bitterness directed toward Latin men (which the author always refers to in the negative). As an American of Latino descent who has been wildly successful with regards to picking up on Latin American women in various countries, I can tell you that the advice “Everything about you that is Un-Latino normally works to your advantage” is not generally true. Because I speak Spanish and English fluently and I understand Latin American culture firsthand, I have a great advantage when it comes to Latin American women. A lot of them will tease gringos and Europeans and not give them anything at the end of the night because they do not know how to talk to them and how to communicate what they want, whereas I do. The author is better off telling his readers that, out of respect for any culture, a traveler should learn as much as possible (inc. the language) about the place that they plan on visiting. Moreover, travelers should also respect the men and women of that culture and not just simply see them as objects to be conquered. Trust me, the preceding advice will get you more female attention than anything the author wrote above.

    Anyway, I wrote this because I believe it’s always best not to sugarcoat the truth.

  6. Albert - sorry you feel that way! I’m certainly no racist, and have no bitterness whatsoever towards latin men! I just think, that very often, you’re cheating, sleazy, cheeseballs!

  7. hello! i’m a venezuelan girl! i really enjoyed reading this article! you are right! we love foreigners! i want to get married with a foreigner! haha here are other tips: Dress nice!!!! when i go partying i love to see foreigners but i kind of hate the way they dress! here in venezuela when people go to clubs they make an effort to look good!!! you should too! i agree that you should learn to dance, most of us think that if u don’t know how to dance you are not a good lover :P i agree on the personal hygene too, and i think that you should try to pick up girls on popular clubs there is where the stunning ones are.! good luck! :D

  8. I just read your comments and I have learned a few things. I think your right about dancing even here in North America. I find it easyer to talk to women if you know how to dance and thats one area I am good at. I am planning a trip to Medellin next year. If anyone knows of some places to meet women I would be more than greatful :)

  9. Albert, bro thanks for the advice and it has been very successful for me. I loveall you latinas and I did get married to a smaking hot, beautiful one that ended up wanting to leave after 5 years (still a great girl) anyways I go to Argentina and Peru all the time and your adviceis great and like i said it works. I just want to say that I get along with latinos and I don’t think they are all bad guys however some (like us) treat their women bad. Keep up the hunt and to all you girls…I’m coming back!!!!

  10. This is just sexist

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