New Years Eve - Photos & Where to Spend it

What is New Years Eve like in Latin America? Here’s some advice about where to head for the best New Years Eve parties and a range of photos.

Many would imagine New Years Eve in Latin / South America to be a fantastic, carnival-like street party throughout the continent. The truth is that it’s often not at all like that. In most Latin American countries, NYE is often regarded as a family celebration, much like Christmas. That means that on the whole, there aren’t the riotous parties I’ m used to in UK for example.

There are, however, exceptions to this general rule. Tourist hotspots, including many Mexican beach resorts (eg. Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco etc.), are likely to offer some great clubbing and street party opportunities. However, by far the best New Years Eve celebrations in South America are found in Brazil, and in particular in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilians love to party year round, and New Years Eve is no exception. Here’s some photos of New Year Eve celebrations from all over Latin America:

New Years Eve Celebration in Rio
New Years Celebrations in Rio, Brazil.

Ipanema, Rio
Ipanema Beach, Rio - beach party on NYE.

Copacabana Beach - NYE
Copacabana Beach in Rio on New Years Eve.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - New Years Eve Party
Buenos Aires (Argentina) on NYE - street concerts are common, but often end early, with people heading home before midnight to spend time with their family. Many go out later, but often not until the very early hours.

Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta - Mexican beach resorts such as Puerto Vallarta offer good NYE parties, as they are popular with international tourists.

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