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5 Best Latin American Road Trips

Everyone will have their own opinions about the best places for a road trip in Latin America.  Here’s some personal suggestions of mine, and some tips about organizing it all. Plus some suggestions of places you definately don’t want to take a road trip, advice on fiding the best car hire deals, and tips if […]

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10 things you never thought of taking on your trip

This isn’t a packing list - it’s a list of items you probably never considered taking with you on your trip to Latin America (or anywhere else for that matter), but would be well advised to think about bringing.  It’s a list mainly for backpackers, or those that might be travelling off the beaten track.

Latin America & the Best in Travel 2009

Where are the trendiest, coolest, most up-and-coming travel destinations in Latin America for the year 2009?  Every year, Lonely Planet produces a book (which used to be called the Lonely Planet Bluelist - now it’s called the Best in Travel) offering advice on the top cutting edge travel experiences and destinations for the forthcoming year.  […]

Isla Providencia (Old Providence Island), Colombia - Trip Report

Providencia is one of the few remaining beautiful Caribbean islands yet to see mass tourism. Here’s my trip report and travel advice following our visit in February 2009.

San Andres Island, Colombia - Trip Report

Just back from Colombia’s Caribbean, this is, I hope, the first of various trip reports for 2009.