Isla Providencia (Old Providence Island), Colombia - Trip Report

Providencia is one of the few remaining beautiful Caribbean islands yet to see mass tourism. Here’s my trip report and travel advice following our visit in February 2009.

I spent ages trying to decide where to stay in Providencia - I’ve already been and decided to return for a second visit.   However, it was hard deciding where to stay - there just is no great hotel in Providencia (2011 edit - this is no longer true with the recent development of a new small luxury hotel in Providencia).  Finally, we took a dive and opted for Posadas Cocobay, which turned out to be a great choice.  It’s one of the cheapest hotels on the island, but far better than many of the Decameron affiliated hotels that cost three times the price.  A fantastic beautiful and peaceful location was only let down by the need to hire a golf cart each day as there were no decent restaurants nearby the hotel.  Still, it was worth it.

Providencia’s beaches were even more beautiful than I had remebered them - it really is  a special, untouched Caribbean paradise.  Rather than write all my travel tips here, I’ve done an extensive re-writing of PaisaTours’ section on Providencia, which now has just about all the information you’ll need before planning a visit.

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