San Andres Island, Colombia - Trip Report

Just back from Colombia’s Caribbean, this is, I hope, the first of various trip reports for 2009.

San Andres is a beautiful island in the middle of the Caribbean nearer Jamaica than it’s owners Colombia.  It’s rather resorty, verging on tacky, but does have some amazing beaches.

We stayed at Hotel Casablanca - with hindsight probably the best choice for us, though I was far from impressed by the hotel. It’s a shame that San Andres doesn’t have any great, affordable hotels that I can whole-heartedly recommend, though San Luis Village Hostal did catch my eye (it’s not finished yet, but is a lovely small hotel being built right in front of the island’s most beautiful, least crowded beach).

We got a gold buggy and explored the island one day - great fun. The next day we took an organized group tour and felt like complete idiots as we were crammed onto tiny islands with hundreds of other tourists to go snorkelling where there were hardly any fish.  I’ve never felt such a fool in my life as when I visited “El Aquario”- though the hundreds of Colombians surrounding us seemed to love the ridiculously artificial, tedious experience of feeding a few fish.

Rather than continuing to rant here, I’ve updated the PaisaTours’ section on San Andres with lots of very useful travel information if you are planning a visit.

Our next stop - Providencia (see next post) - a place I rate far more highly than San Andres.

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