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How safe for a solo female traveller?

One of the most commonly asked questions I see posted on travel forums is along the lines of “How safe is it for a solo female traveller to visit X?”  Here I’ll try to comprehensively answer that question, as well as offering some safety tips for solo travellers and advising on the few regions that […]

Dark Tourism

Dark tourism is a type of tourism involving travelling to places usually associated with death, grief or suffering.  Here’s some scary suggestions for dark travellers to Central and South America.  Your Gran just wouldn’t understand…

Prison Islands & Prison Tours

It’s always a pretty raw, fascinating experience to witness places were people have been or are locked up in prison. I guess I’m getting into the promotion of “dark tourism” here, but there really are some amazing prison tours that can be taken in Central and South America - and a lot of travellers really […]

Filthy Cheap Flights to Colombia

Every now and then an airline makes a howler with their booking system and releases ridiculously cheap flights.  Right now, Air Comet has made such a howler. If you want really cheap flights to Colombia, book them right now…

Retracing the Bond Films in Latin America

Much of the latest James Bond film (Quantum of Solace) was shot in Latin America (in Chile, Panama and Mexico - though much of the film was apparently set in Bolivia).   There’s plenty of other great Bond moments from other Latin American countries too…