Filthy Cheap Flights to Colombia

Every now and then an airline makes a howler with their booking system and releases ridiculously cheap flights.  Right now, Air Comet has made such a howler. If you want really cheap flights to Colombia, book them right now…

A friend at Journey Latin America just emailed me:

Just thought I’d let you know – there are some seriously cheap flights to Colombia at the moment – with air comet – I’m pretty sure it is mistake of theirs – charging far too little tax. So could change at any time.

You’d have to spend a night or two in Madrid on way out – but no need on the return.

London-Madrid-Bogota-Medellin return is £550 in July/August ; £440 from mid September to mid December – and from now until end of June.

Prices like these come along very rarely - so get booking right now!

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