Getting Value For Your Money & Where to Visit

A strong dollar (& Euro) and a recent weakening of many Latin American currencies means it’s a good time to visit the region. But where should you head for the best value for money in general, and more specifically right now?

As a starting point, lets take a look at the cost of budget minded travel to a variety of countries.  What’s the cost per day, for a budget traveller that’s not a real scrimper (i.e your could travel to these places for less if you tried).  These figures are from a recent Lonely Planet, though I’ve edited them considering a few of my own disagreements:

Argentina - $20-$25.

Bolivia - $15-$20.

Brazil - $40-$45.

Chile - $35-$40.

Colombia - $20-$25.

Ecuador - $20-$25.

Peru - $15-$25.

Uruguay - $25-$35.

Venezuela - $30-$50.

Central America - about $30 a day, more like $40 a day in Costa Rica and Mexico though.

But what about actual value for money in terms of comparing quality with price?  From personal experience, Argentina and Peru are great value for money, whilst both Venezuela and Brazil are both a little on the over-priced and unnecessarily expensive side.

And what about currency rates and where’s good to visit right now? Mexico is about 25% cheaper than it has been for many years, but also Colombia and Argentina look pretty attractive currency wise too. Get travelling…

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