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Ecuador - State Sponsor of Terrorism?

A rather controversial title, but it is looking increasingly likely that it could soon be proved that Ecuador is a state sponsor of terrorism. So should you visit Ecuador knowing that it’s President has received funding from terrorists, and that it’s government actively supports terrorists?  

Best Beaches & Islands To Get Away From It All

Following on from recent my recent post about the best beach party destinations, here’s some travel advice about the exact opposite type of beaches. What are the best beach destinations in Latin America to get away from it all, and feel very special at the same time? These amazingly beautiful beaches are almost completely empty […]

BigTravelWeb wins an award for best blog about the Americas.

Details of our award.

Best Places for Family Holidays with Older Teenagers

If you’ve a family with teenagers (or those slightly older) and are looking for some holiday ideas in Latin America, read on as here’s some of the best suggestions. I’ll assume the parents want a little culture, the kids want some nightlife, and you all appreciate fantastic beaches, and maybe a little adventure tourism.  Plus […]

10 Best Beaches for People Watching & Partying

Reading your book with your sunglasses on, or are you really scoping/admiring the people frolicking in the sea in front of you? I suspect we’ve all done this at some stage. So where are the best beaches in South America for people watching? Where do all the trendy, beautiful Latin locals spend there beach holidays?  […]

Brazil’s Best Beaches

So where are the best beaches in Brazil?  The Brazilians love to argue about it. Having spent over a month exploring Brazil’s coast last year, here’s my opinion.

Avoiding High Altitude Sickness

Much of the Andes are very high in altitude, and if you’ve not acclimatized, it’s likely that you will be affected by altitude sickness. Here follows some tips on how to avoid high altitude sickness, as well as advice on treatment and remedies.