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What are the best countries to visit in South America for golfing vacations? Where are the best golf courses? What region should one select for a golf holiday? Here’s some suggestions…
Argentina would probably be the best destination in South America for golf. The climate is much fresher and less humid than in many other countries, and there are a range of excellent golf courses throughout the country. Argentina has more courses than any other country in South America.The best region to head to is Patagonia, a beautiful land of lakes and mountains in Southern Argentina. Bariloche is a fine place to base oneself to visit various golf courses nearby, including the well known course found at the Llao Llao resort. Nearby, try the Arelauquen Golf and Country Club for a similarly impressive course.

Golf in Argentina  -Llao Llao resort
Golf in Argentina’s Patagonia at the Llao Llao course.

Further South in Ushuaia, the worlds’ Southernmost golf course is found at the spectacularly set Ushuaia Golf Club, where it gets dark so late during the summer you can even have a full round after dinner!Elsewhere in Argentina, Mar del Plata is a seaside resort that has one of South America’s most historic courses - the 36 hole Mar del Plata golf club. The first 18 holes opened way back in 1900, and the course hosts one of Argentina’s most prestigous golf tournaments. Another option is the 36 hole Jockey Club, which is found just outside of cosmopolitan capital city Buenos Aires and frequently hosts Argentina’s national championship. Olivos Golf Club is another prestigous golf course very near to Buenos Aires. There’s also plenty of other top quality choices over the border in nearby Uruguay - Montevideo, Punta del Este and Colonia all have various golf courses nearby.

Mexico is an alternative destination and also has a great range of golf courses - too many to mention here. Most are found nearby the numerous tourist resorts found on the Pacific coast - destinations such as Baja California, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta all have a thriving golf scene, in part due to the large number of foreign tourists they receive.

Other countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica also have a range of golf courses and make fine destinations for golfing vacations in South America.

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