Weirdest Hotels in Latin America

Planes, floating pyramids, tree-top towers, salt and prison hotels - here’s a selection of the weirdest hotels in Latin America.

1. Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Costa Verde Hotel, Costa Rica

Overlooking the beautiful pacific coast beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park, hotel Costa Verde is possibly the weirdest hotel in Latin America.  It’s weird because many of the rooms and facilities are found in old aeroplanes, which sit perched on the forested mountainside.

2. Mayan Pyramid Hotel, Mexico

Mayan Pyramid Hotel, Mexico

Costing over US $200 million to build, the floating Mayan pyramid hotel should open in a couple of years time.  Found of the Maya Riviera coast of Mexico, this massive hotel is designed in the style of an ancient pyramid, and will float on the Caribbean sea.  Naff in my opinion, and certainly very weird.

3. Gorgona Prison, Colombia

Gorgona Island Hotel, Colombia

Spend a few nights on an idyllic island and sleep in a prison cell.  Sounds a weird concept, but that’s what you get when you visit Gorgona Island in Colombia.  Thankfully, there’s no inmates left in the prison, which has been revamped into a stylish hotel. 

4. Salt Hotel, Bolivia

Salt Hotel, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The Salar de Uyuni is the worlds highest salt lake, and an extremely scenic place to visit.  It’s an enormous salt flat surrounded by towering volanoes, and there’s a handful a small hotels made entirely from salt.

5. Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Brazil

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Brazil

Found near Manaus, the Ariau Amazon Towers is built entirely at the level of the rainforest canopy.  Catwalks and swingbridges allow access between different sections of the hotel.  A very weird way to visit the Amazon rainforest! 

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