40% off Marriot Hotels

Advice about how to go about getting 40% off Marriot Hotels in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean.

Quite simple really - just follow the following link to receive 40% off Stays in Marriott Hotels in Costa Rica, Mexico and the Caribbean on Travelocity.com!. Brilliant!

Marriot offer top of the range luxurious resorts and hotels worldwide.  You can book them at a 40% discount at the moment!

In Mexico, there’s Marriot hotels in Mexico City, Puebla, Monterrey and Aguascalientes.  In addition, there’s beach resorts in Cancun, and a lovely spa at Ixtapan de Sal. 

In Costa Rica, you’ll find a few Marriot hotels in the capital San Jose, plus there’s two resorts on the paciific coast - at Guanacaste and Playa Herradura.

As for the Caribbean, Marriot have hotels in Dominican Republic, Aruba, Curacao and Puerto Rico.  More upmarket islands include St Barts & Kitts, Trindidad & Tobago and also the US Virgin Islands.

So get on with it and book before this special promotion ends!  Just follow this link to Travelocity.com! and reserve your Marriot hotel asap.

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