Colombia Flights News - Lufthansa Specials & Satena Bookable Online

There’s a couple of big pieces of developments this week about flights to Colombia - as an expat living there they are big news for both the travel industry and travellers to Colombia.

First is Lufthansa, who’ve just opened up a new route from Frankfurt (Germany) to Bogota.  They’ve a special offer on for flights from London to Bogota (via Germany) for £359 inc. tax. That’s a couple of hundred pounds less than a normal dirt-cheap ticket. Valid for travel from 14 February until 10 April.   Don’t expect it to be available for long - I understand this special will be removed by next Tuesday…..

Second is Satena.  You’ve never been able to book Satena flights online until this week.  Now you can, and paying with a foreign credit card is easy. So getting to idyllic and remote destinations that only Satena fly to, such as the beautiful Caribbean island of Providencia, just got a lot easier….   

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