Other Latin America Blogs

See the article on Latin America’s best travel blogs for details of other Latin America travel bloggers.  I don’t have a blogroll, so all the other blogs related to Latin America that I think relevant are included on that page - there’s much more great info out there.

Here’s some other good general travel blogs and blogging resources.

General travel blogs:

My Backpacking Buddies - travel advice and social networking with other travellers.

Plus, here’s some more general blogging resources. One can use the following resources to learn more about the blogosphere, and find even more blogs. Browse the blogosphere - there’s a lot of useful information out there…..

Bloggapedia, Blog Directory - Find It!

Footnote: What’s a blog? Essentially, a blog is a website that has regularly updated content. Blogs are often more personal in style than normal websites. Blogs are booming, and much of the most useful information online can now be found on them. There’s lots of useful travel related blogs in addition.