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Where to Visit in Argentina - Best Places to Go

Here I offer some advice about where to visit in Argentina.  Every tourist has different preferences, but what are the best places to visit in Argentina? What are the best tourist attractions?  And where should you visit in Argentina considering the seasons there?

Tailor Made Holidays & Travel to South America at a Discount

This is a naugthy article of mine…. Having worked as a tailor made travel consultant for the UK’s top South America specialist tour operator, I know what goes into the making of a tailor made holiday.  Here I offer you a very easy method by which anyone can book budget or luxury tailor made holidays […]

Golf Vacations

What are the best countries to visit in South America for golfing vacations? Where are the best golf courses? What region should one select for a golf holiday? Here’s some suggestions…

Things to do in Buenos Aires

An article offering useful advice about things to do in Buenos Aires. What are the best districts to visit?

Romantic Destinations - Best Places to Honeymoon

Here’s a selection of personal recommendations for the best places to honeymoon in Latin / South America.  I suggest various romantic islands and regions with wonderful, peaceful beaches, in addition to the top romantic cities and the best outdoor activity destinations in the region.  In this article I’ll focus on the best places to honeymoon, […]

Travelling by Train

Train travel is often a mode of travel ignored by visitors to Latin America, who normally get about by bus or plane.  This is a shame - there’s plenty of useful train routes, and it’s often a comfortable and exciting way to travel overland.  Plus, you don’t have to put your life in the hands […]

5 Best Latin American Road Trips

Everyone will have their own opinions about the best places for a road trip in Latin America.  Here’s some personal suggestions of mine, and some tips about organizing it all. Plus some suggestions of places you definately don’t want to take a road trip, advice on fiding the best car hire deals, and tips if […]

Amazing Carnivals You’ve Never Heard About

While Rio de Janeiro is preparing for it’s world famous carnival and the tourist hordes that come with it, I thought I’d shed some light on alternative carnivals in South America - one’s you’ve probably never even heard of.

Photos of Latin Life 100 Years Ago

Times have changed, but this selection of very, very old photos and pictures demonstrate what life was like for the real pioneering tourists and settlers in Latin America.

Patagonia - A Journey to the World’s End, and Back Again

Patagonia. The name alone conjures images of explorers, windswept plains, craggy glaciers, and reflective lakes. Stretched across Chile and Argentina, the region offers a wealth of activities, sights, and accommodations for even the most discerning travelers. Here, some travel tips for enjoying a three-week trip through Patagaonia.