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Top 5 Legendary Nightclubs

Which are the greatest, most legendary and widely respected / talked about nightclubs in South America?

Choosing a Caribbean Island to combine with a Latin America Vacation

Having just added to the Caribbean section of the main travel guide, I’ll now include an article advising how to sensibly go about choosing a Caribbean island to combine with a vacation to Central or South American destination.

LAN South America Airpass

Lan offers what is known as a “Lan South America Airpass”. The airline Lan is based in the countries of Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. From those hubs, almost every country is covered by their network of flights. A Lan South America Airpass is, without doubt, one of the cheapest ways to fly within South […]

Iguazu Falls - A Panorama

These photos are quite so special I thought they warranted an individual post. Together they give one a great feeling of what Iguazu Falls, South America’s most spectacular natural attraction, is all about.

Iruya - Best of North Argentina?

Iruya is a traditional village set in a stunning valley in North Argentina. There’s a few buses every day to and from Humahuaca - travel time is a little over three hours. Of all the villages I visited in this part of Argentina, Iruya has the most spectacular setting. It’s a great place to spend […]

Purmamarca, Tilcara & Humahuaca (Argentina)

North of Salta, in Northern Argentina, are various interesting, dramatically set traditional highland towns. Purmamarca, Tilcara, Uqura and Humahuaca (and also Iruya - see following article) can all be visited on a day tour from Salta. Those with more time on their hands could spend a night or few in one or more of them, especially […]

Cachi: Peace & Wine in North Argentina

Cachi is a peaceful village in the Calchaqui valley in North Argentina, about 3 hours from Salta. From Salta it can comfortably be visited on a full day tour, or alternatively it is often combined as an overnight package with Cafayate which is further down the valley. The main reason to visit Cafayate in addition […]

Salta & Exploring Northern Argentina

Salta is a graceful large colonial city in the North of Argentina. It is the country’s finest colonial city, and despite it’s size it’s a tranquil place to spend a couple of nights.

BA Soho Rooms & Hotels in Palermo, Buenos Aires

Palermo is Buenos Aires’ chic and trendy district. Streets are lined with boutique style clothes shops, cafes, restaurants and trendy bars. For nightlife, Palermo is the best district to stay in, and it’s also a great part of Buenos Aires for restaurants. Where should you stay in Palermo?

Buenos Aires & Where to Stay

Stylish, peaceful, and full of stunning early 20th century architecture, Buenos Aires feels distinctly more European than any other city in South America. It also feels far more civilised than any other city I’ve visited in South America - it’s the type of place that would be great to live in. For those visiting, where […]