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Unique Christmas Vacation Ideas

While the sizeable majority of the world spend Christmas at home, round the tree with the extended family, many choose this holiday period to get away. Here’s some suggestions for unique Christmas’s that can be spent in Latin America.

The Best Latin America Travel Blogs

Here’s a collection of the best travel blogs related to Central and South America that I think worthy of attention. As I don’t have a “blogroll”, I’ll link to them from here, ordered by countries as one travels in a Southerly direction, after suggesting more regional travel guide blogs. If you’ve further suggestions just […]

5 Best Spring Break Destinations

Spring break invariably sees huge numbers of young North Americans looking for a good value sun, sea and err, nightlife vacation. So where are the best spring break destinations in Latin America? Where’s the best nightlife? Almost all the best destinations are found in Mexico, including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco […]

Miss World - Latin Candidates

Here’s a selection of some Miss World photos - and some of the finest Latin American candidates that have been seen over the years.

Best Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking

With the Andes running the entire length of South America, the continent isn’t short of rafting and kayaking destinations. Here I’ll pick a few of the best locations out.

Patagonia Luxury Hotels, Argentina & Chile

“The Best of Patagonia” refers to a group of hotels that collectively market themselves as “a selection of the most exclusive properties in Argentina and Chile”. These ten properties are some of the most luxurious hotels in South America. Very few people, travel agencies included, realise that by booking a number of these […]

Best Birdwatching Destinations

A plethora of South American countries claim to be the best destinations for birdwatching. Undoubtedly, South America does offer some of the worlds best birdwatching, but with so many countries claiming to have “the most species” or the “highest biodiversity per square km” that it all gets confusing! There’s almost 3000 bird species registered […]

Nightlife & Partying (with Locals)

Part of South America’s charm is it’s beautiful local people. The continent has some great nightlife - where’s best for partying with the locals?

Most Beautiful Landscapes

Large parts of Latin America are truely stunning, and the landscapes are some of the most beautiful on earth.  Places such as Chile’s Torres Del Paine National Park are excellent for trekking, while others, such as Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats and Brazil’s Lencois Marahenses are some suitable for simply marvelling at.

Best Rainforest Tours

South America´s rainforest is, for many, a real vacation highlight. Most people associate South America´s rainforest with Brazil´s tropical Amazon rainforest, which is the largest expanse of rainforest in the continent. However, excellent rainforest tours are also possible in a range of other Latin American countries including Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica […]